The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

the goldfinch tartt

Looking back through our We Are Reading posts I am shocked to find no Donna Tartt. How the heck did we forget to put up The Secret History? One of our favourite books ever. Do read it immediately if you haven’t already done so, it’s a classic and would be included in my ‘top ten novels of all time’ list, should I ever write one.

I’ve just finished The Goldfinch, Donna’s latest (third) novel and it’s a magnificent read; massive, intense, moving, clever and pace-y, I found myself sneaking off to read just a bit more when ever I could. It is a gloriously rich book in terms of writing style too, it takes Ms Tartt around ten years to write each book, and you get the feeling she’s thought super-carefully about every word on the page.

It’s a joy, but it’s a big read (771 pages), my advice would be to save it for an uninterrupted holiday weekend (like Easter!) or beach location where you can lose yourself in it. Also it weighs a ton, so think about the digital or paperback version. Buy here The Goldfinch

Another reason we like Donna Tartt is she has fabulous style, see below (image via The Telegraph), she’s like a neat and tidy, daytime goth. With money.

donna tart


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