Out of Reach clothing, from sizest Zara

zara t shirtOh Zara! How we would LOVE to love you, but you make it so hard to when you only seem to want to sell to skinny people.

I went shopping researching for blogposts in Zara this week and was, as usual, amazed at the range of fabulous clothes. My eye was caught by the lace cut out trousers below, the perfect holiday capri, imagine them worn with a long linen shirt in navy or maybe a crisp white cotton poplin tunic, long enough to cover to mid thigh and look supremely elegant with flat leather sandals.. I grabbed a pair in medium and headed to the changing rooms.

I am a biggish size 12 with narrow hips and I couldn’t even start to get the zip closed on these, I am  clearly TOO FAT for a Zara medium. No problem, I’ll buy the large, or even the extra large if needed, I don’t care. But these trousers are not to be worn by anyone over a UK size 10 it would appear, as there is no large made. No large? what’s that all about Zara?

So, tipped off by the lovely Dinah Hall, I move onto the floral T shirt above, with its beautiful botanical print front and linen jersey back, it’s a perfect smart summer T shirt to wear over skirts. This does come in a large, but guess what? it’s sold out in that size. hardly a surprise since very little comes in large it would seem.

Is it me? Has everyone out there suddenly lost weight or has Zara gone all sizest?

I’ve bought plenty of things here before in a size 12 and fitted them fine. If I could squeeze into the clothes, I’d be boycotting Zara in protest. As it is I’ll just have to make my own lace capri pants this sumer, they don’t look that difficult. Now, where’s my sewing machine….

zara trousers



  • Monix says:

    I bought my niece (because me at size 14-16 would be impossible to clothe in Zara) a pair of trousers that were labelled medium – she’s a size 10! It’s just as well that they are so sizest as they seem to have some lovely items and I’m trying to cut down on clothes purchases…

  • You’re absolutely right. I gaze with longing as I buy for the Glam Teens in the skinny men’s department. I would live to shop at Zara but it’s very sizest. GG

  • Belinda says:

    I wanted to buy some trousers from them a couple of years ago. They did have ‘large’, but the zip would only just do up and I looked like a sausage. And as you know, I’m a 10-12. Not been in since!

  • Amanda says:

    Oh Zara! Think of all the extra money you would make if you JUST added a couple more sizes to your range? No Brainer! A

  • sarah says:

    Isn’t Zara retailer of the year or something else smug?
    Who, apart from fairies, is wearing their clothes? I reminds me of Biba (remember?) sizing, very narrow shoulders with very thin arms, quite apart from the rest of the body.

  • Jane says:

    Since the average size in the UK is 14, they are not only sizeist, but missing sales. See also Top Shop!!
    J x

  • Bearleigh says:

    I am 54 & supposedly a size 8*, and today bought a pair of Zara S size trousers, which fit beautifully.. I tried on another pair, in a different style, and they were just a little too tight, so I would say that their sizes are about right for their target audience which is grown women who is interested in fashion. Mango aims for a younger market and their sizes are meaner, so I am a M there ( and yes I prefer being a S) As they sell XS, ie size 6, I don’t think Zara are that sizest: they are simply being accurate. It’s daft that in Gap sometimes I am a size 2 and was once recently a 0, because of vanity sizing.

    I suspect that Zara don’t produce some styles in the larger sizes because they think they would not look good. I am sorry that that upsets some people but there is a lack of honesty about what looks good on different body shapes and sizes in this country: too many plump young women in girly short skater dresses that actually make them look even plumper.

    *I wear a size 8 now, but my size 30 years ago would have been a 12, that is the size creep we have seen. Best of all was a French dress I got which said GB S, D S, It S, F M.

  • Becky says:

    I totally agree. I was in Zara last week and I fell in love with a skirt. I am a size 14 I tried a large and I honestly could not get the zip anywhere near me. Maybe I am really a size 18 and shouldn’t be wearing Zara clothes but somehow that doesn’t seem quite right.

  • Saskia says:

    I think it’s because, despite being an international brand both Zara and Mango base their sizes on the tiny mediterranean average, rather than the larger northern European market.

  • amanda says:

    Interesting comments all, A

  • Tiffany says:

    Their sizes are nuts. I’m usually a US 0 and I’ve had a stack of Zara ‘small’ sizes too tiny for me.

  • Gwyneth says:

    They can’t call it mediterranean sizing: Even my teeniest Spanish friends say that Zara sizes are to stingy for them, and everything is cut too long and narrow to fit the Spanish shape, so i don’t think that’s an excuse!

  • Sue Evans says:

    Zara is a no for anyone like me who is over a size 14 ( lets leave it there ….), even smock tops never come in anything over an M. Such a shame when they do such a great job of interpreting trends at affordable prices. Let’s hope they take a leaf out of Mango’s book and think about a Plus range — haven’t seen the new Mango Violetta range yet ( starts at size 12 unto a 20+ I believe) but at least they are trying.

  • Amanda says:

    Sue! thanks for the tip off on Violetta, I’m on that now, that sounds fantastic for us Ax

  • Sarah says:

    I’m the same – size 12 – 14 , no hips, I also have larger upper arms too, so scarves only from Zara for me! I love the idea of you making your own lacy capri pants, bye bye Zara, hello Singer & Violetta!

  • Alison says:

    I agree with Saskia. I’m a 12 and love Zara designs but I have broad shoulders and long arms and nothing fits.

  • val westerman says:

    I have just bought 2 blouses on line from Zara. Bought my normal size, Medium, the same as last year and these fit fine. The new blouses are going back as they are soooo tight across the shoulders that I can’t move my arms. The one thing you need to rely on when buying online is that sizing is always the same. I can only imagine that they are cutting costs by reducing fabric. Stupid as they won’t be making anymore sales to me online. And yes, the larger sizes are sold. Well they be wouldn’t they!

  • S says:

    Go to Zara for perfumes and bags – everything else is a shot to your vanity. Or get ready to switch up your regular medium for a full on large or extra-large. I am size 8-10 and large at least is what I get.

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