Designer watch: Sofie D’Hoore

sofie-d'hoore-05I’ve got another girl crush, this time on the grown up Belgian designer Sofie D’Hoore. Sofie started her design company in 1992, previously she was a…dentist. That’s not a job-swap you write very often. But it does help you understand the amazingly forensic cut of Sofie’s clothes. She has an interesting take on designing, she is more concerned with how we feel in her clothes, with comfort, move-ability and ease-of-wear being as essential as how we look. And she needs what she describes as ‘psychological freedom’ within the design, almost to forget wearing the styles in order to have them fit effortlessly into life.

I took one look at the above outfit, with it’s gorgeous prints and easy shape and immediately wanted to make it my summer uniform. Sadly it is a wee bit on the expensive side for everyday wear, despite what Sofie would like, but I can dream a little……

The clothes are amazingly cut, with the type of engineered shaping I’ve not seen before. Since Sophie only uses high quality fabric, the results are shockingly covetable. I was shown the Autumn Winter 2014 range and the coats and jackets, well, I just didn’t want to let them go. it was a bit embarrassing really. There are lovely shirt shapes too, and dresses that would make you feel good as well as look good. Take a look at a few of the dress styles on Farfetch here. Nice eh?

sofie-d'hoore-01This is Summer 2014, try and ignore the delightful 15 year old model and imagine it on our age group….I think it works brilliantly, headscarf styling, layered prints and everything. And for someone who has always regretted being born too soon to wear those gorgeously short shorts with black tights as acceptable day wear, I love the idea of the dress and short combo, below.

sofie-d'hoore-02 copyI kinda think It’s like a luxed-up, slightly hippier version of COS, what about you?

sofie-d'hoore-03I’m warning you, the prices are steep. I discovered Sofie in EGG, which is all you need to know in terms of price and it’s not that easy to find stockists (which of course makes them all the more desirable) but she is for sale at Fenwicks (although sadly not online). Until then perhaps we could just add Ms D’Hoore to our list of ‘when we win the lottery’ purchases.

Sofie D’Hoore website here, but to buy I suggest you use FarFetch.ocm.


  • Rosemary says:

    Absolutely gorgeous website & a/w pieces even lovelier and more wearable – love those volume-y shifts and the coats. On the steep side as you say but inspirational & will be keeping an eye. Tks.

  • Sue says:

    What lovely dresses and styling. A bit Margaret Howell meets Prada-ish? I love the patterns, but I’m trying really hard to keep away from prints at the moment. Just as well at those prices. Do you think they might turn up on the Outnet one day??? Here’s hoping…

  • Becky says:

    Fabulous – I love it all – shame it is a bit pricey but actually I think if you wanted a special piece to last a long time, this would be the place to get it from – they look beautiful and really timeless.

  • Amanda says:

    Glad you liked it guys, even if we can’t afford it, it might provide us with good inspiration when shopping elsewhere. And I’d definitely keep a hopeful eye on The Outnet! Ax

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