The most important meal of the day

Over the past few years breakfast has become a ‘thing’ well brunch to be precise, with good restaurants becoming as popular in the morning as they are in the evening.

The Good Egg at the end of my street has us long time locals laughing at the out loud at the out of borough sorts who wait in a queue to have breakfast. Although, I have been known to sneak in there on a Tuesday at 11am when there isn’t a queue, as the food is very good. Inspired by Montreal delis, with touches of the Middle East, even Jay Raynor likes it!

“The good things at The Good Egg really are very good. Their house-pickled cucumbers, cauliflower and aubergine are serious and strident with crunch and bite. Hand-shaped flatbread comes bubbled and charred with a pool of lightly acidic thyme honey and soothing yogurt to dredge it through. A salad of taut-skinned tomatoes, capers and red onions in puddles of peppery olive oil with a big dollop of house-cured whitefish mayonnaise really does recall a classic New York deli plate.”

Breakfast is so popular that it’s even possible to become an online phenomenon by posting pictures of it on social media. Michael Zee did just that with his Instagram feed Symmetry Breakfast. His partner Mark’s long hours made their time together scared, so Michael made it his mission to make a special breakfast for them both every day. Over 1000 meals later, Micheal still cooks for Mark every day and has since written a book featuring his beautifully prepared, inspirational breakfasts.


Symmetry breakfast Instagram

The Good Egg and SymmetryBreakfast are hosting a special Syrian inspired breakfast on the 26th and 27th of November for#CookForSyria in aid of Unicef NEXTGen London, with perfectly matching breakfasts at £39pp. In homage to the cuisine from the city of Aleppo, the breakfasts will include a lamb and pumpkin babka; manoushi Syrian flatbreads with smoked aubergine labneh; duck kibbe with pomegranate molasses, grilled fresh grapefruit and orange blossom + pistachio atayef pancakes, all washed down with coffee or tea, a fig cocktail or date and banana smoothie!

See you in the queue – but I’ll be wearing dark glasses!


  • Osnat says:

    Wow looks so tasty is it new? Can’t wait to try this.x

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