Dressing for summer: a few sale florals to buy at Hobbs



What is it with Hobbs at the moment? Every time I pop into one of its London stores I find something else I want to buy. Having not been in one for years, now I am on smiling terms with the Regent Street and Covent Garden staff, it’s getting embarrassing. Although no one could call the brand cutting edge fashion, it has started to unstuffy-fy itself and produce wearable and rather beautiful clothes that are cut with a grown up in mind. It’s really losing its ‘mother-of-the-bride-and-NOT-in-a-good-way’ look and If I had to focus in on one thing I’ve been impressed with, it’s the fabrics. They are lovely quality and this season I’ve spotted some great  printed silk and cotton florals.

Being a mid market brand, Hobbs prices can be a bit steep for some, but now the sun has just started to appear and thought turns to bare legs and pedicures, every retailer on the high street is on sale and Hobbs has some bargains in its markdowns.

First up this pretty silk floral tunic Beth dress in soft pinks and grey (£99, down from £149). Ok so there’s nothing new about a tunic dress but man, are they useful. Every wardrobe needs a good one (or four). This one has its smudged, impressionist-style rose print positioned as a large floral patch front and back, think of it as a glorious herbaceous border running around your middle….not perhaps the most flattering of analogies but you get my drift, it’s delightful (there’s also a Beth top, should you like the print but not need a dress).

Made of silk and rayon, it’s lined and has good sleeves. Hobbs also understands that women over size10 want to look good too and the dress is available up to a size 18 (ahem Zara, are you listening?)  hobbs-flora-print-swatch-

And then there’s this mid-calf length blossom skirt. Now fessing up, I’m not sure about this flared midi-length at all. Get it wrong and you are firmly in frumpsville. But I’ve seen it look really elegant on friends so I am tempted to try.


Keep the top simple- maybe one of those amazing White T Shirt shapes we wrote about recently- or a man-style white shirt, slightly oversized and tucked-in (if you still do tucked-in, and if you do then for goodness sake make the most of it) and you are equally ready to either stroll leisurely around Italian castles or run for the 209 bus to work.

This skirt is sooo pretty, it’s a great digital-inspired floral print, the white cotton is stroke-y smooth with a teeny bit of elastane in it for a comfy fit. It’s also £89, down from £129, so not bad at all for such as quality number.

More bargains on the Hobbs website here, should you need distracting this morning. You’re welcome.


  • Emma says:

    What do you wear under a tunic dress? I find this a mind boggler as I am find them to short for bare legs and don’t want leggings?

  • Amanda says:

    Hmm Emma I have to say the Hobbs one is long enough to wear just as it is. I don’t wear anything under mine, bare legs in summer, good opaque tights in the winter. But try a slim line capri pant? Boden do some good ones, cut close to the leg and worn cropped about the ankle, would that work for you? Ax

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