Dressing for summer: the perfect kimono jacket

catherine-baba-kimono Kimono jackets -currently having a moment in the fashion sun – are the perfect menopausal summer jacket, just look at all that ventilation on the sleeves! Plenty of room for a cooling summer breeze to bring down your hot flush in a rush.

They are also super easy to wear; as well as adding a touch of exotic glamour to everything you throw them over they have the added advantage of being non-sizest, as they look good on every shape.

There is also a slightly bohemian-eccentric-feel to wearing them, particularly if you buy one in a beautiful print, which appeals to the hippy in me. Above is the apparently ageless Catherine Baba looking very stylish in hers (we mentioned her on TWR last year,  I tell you, we are just so very right on everything it’s not even funny…)

I often see great kimonos at Hammersmith Vintage Fair, particularly on the Fuji Kimono stand and they look a good buy -value wise- compared to high street versions. Luckily there’s a website, where you could buy the below haori printed silk mix kimono for £65. I think the pattern looks like rows of vinyl records, very festival retro…. But would equally chic over a pencil skirt (maybe even a navy sequin one) and simple top. kimono-02 Anna Sui’s printed silk blend chiffon kimono at £435 is the As-Seen-at-Nobu end of the spectrum, and comes with fringing, which is the way the super-chic are wearing theirs. Personally speaking, fringing gets on my nerves (tricky with bicycles too) and I would have to resist the temptation to snip all those annoying little dangly bits off that hemline, but if the lux-hippy vibe works for you, then who am I to argue.

anna-sui-net-a-porter-kimono I wish I’d kept the TK Maxx kimono jacket I used last year in our little sponsored post as it was gorgeous. Looking quickly on line as I write this there are a few very good value ones available, including this one below at £14.99 TK Maxx kimono , but you need to be swift or pop into a shop (any excuse…)

tk-maxx-kimono The obvious go-to brand for a kimono is Anthropologie, where the Blank Azalea kimono at £125 and currently a hot seller, More fringing on this one, we’re talking very Joni Mitchell, but we’ll forgive it because of the gorgeous print.

anthropologie-kimono In store at AnthropoIogie I also found this multi print kimono jacket top, which looked great merchandised with a stripe T Shirt underneath it. It was, if I remember rightly, around £85.

kimono-anthropologieTopshop have some great ones too, and very well priced. I like the multi print paisley inspired one below, at £48, which unusually for Topshop goes up to a size 16.

And those of you who prefer a silk version, there’s also the lovely black coat-length one, at £160, below. There are more here on the Topshop website.

I’m voting the kimono the summer jacket of choice, what about you?



  • Rosemary says:

    Dunno really. They are lovely – I particularly like the ‘vinyl record’ print – but could you not look a bit as though you’re off to brush your teeth?? Think I’ll pass on this one.

  • amanda says:

    Dressing-gown chic you mean Rosemary? Love it! I think it’s about thinking lightweight and floaty, a summer alternative to the cardigan. If you get one in a great print then it immediately sharpens up your look too Ax

  • Nicola says:

    This is spooky. Only yesterday I pulled a short kimono out of my wardrobe that I’d bought to wear as a dressing gown but hadn’t so I thought I’d try wearing it as a top with jeans. It has a retro pattern rather like the haori jacket you’ve shown. It felt great – silky and cool and glamorous. I was thinking that kimonos are the way to go and I should get more, and now here is your post! I’ve obviously tuned in to something.

  • amanda says:

    Great minds, Nicola, great minds…….A

  • Monix says:

    You’re tapping into the zeitgeist here Amanda – I dug out a vintage Korean kimono just a few days ago to bring on holiday! Love those vintage Japanese ones and have placed an order – thanks so much for the tip off

  • amanda says:

    Kimono zeitgeist! Who knew? ‘polishes crystal ball’ A

  • Suji says:

    Argh – I don’t usually love floaty floral stuff so that last Anthropologie kimono ticks all the right boxes for me – but I really didn;t need to spend any more money on Summer clothes…….

  • amanda says:

    Sorry Suji….x

  • I think Kimonos are the perfect for summer.
    I just love the multi print with fringe that’s cool :B
    Just for the information i found multi print and handmade kimonos here at House of the Broken Dragon.

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