A weekend in Copenhagen

Copenhagen 20It’s that time of year when summer seems like a distant memory and Christmas seems all too close. October is my favourite month for exploring new places and cities really are at their best when it’s sunny but cold.

Last weekend I visited Copenhagen which really is the perfect place for a mini break – it’s easy to get around and chocked full of interesting shops, great restaurants and Scandi culture.

CopenhagenNow that Air BnB has opened up a world of possibilities, it feels really easy to hop on a plane for a long weekend without it costing  a fortune.

Although if you are anything like me, staying in someone else’s perfect white apartment will make you want to go home and re-decorate your entire house.  We stayed in this lovely home in the Østerbro area.

9e9c73bf_originalThe Danes do good design so well, everything is incredibly tasteful and pared down and their homes are filled with beautiful (local) design classics.

The interior stores are by far the most interesting – as apart from the obvious Acne (theres an outlet store!) and Day Birger et Mikkelsen, the fashion tends to be all about grey and black tasteful basics and a tiny bit boring.

Copenhagen 11

Hans J. Wegner

It’s a city of bikes and there is no shortage of great bike shops to service the cities huge number of cyclists. We stumbled across Cykelmargeren, who hand build beautifully simple pared down, classic frames, with Brooks leather saddles.

Copenhagen 4Copenhagen 5My favourite interior store by far was Hay House and it definitely goes to the top of my ‘shops I would like to live in’ list.

Copenhagen HAY 17Copenhagen HAY 13Copenhagen HAY 15Copenhagen 1Norman is another lovely interiors store, selling a great mix of Danish and European designers.

Copenhagen 2




We spent Sunday at  the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is a 40 minute train ride from the centre of Copnehagen. It’s worth a visit for its beautiful coastal location and innovate exhibitions. Olafur Eliasson and Emil Nolde are currently showing.

Olfar Eliasson11

Olfar Eliasson’s Riverbed

If you fancy a weekend in Copenhagen – check out the excellent Locals guide and Visit Copenhagen for a low down on the best places to visit.

My top tip – make sure you visit Nørrebro a previously run down area that reminds me of Hackney. Wander down Jaegersborggade and check out the growing assortment of interesting shops, cafes and restaurants – make sure you stop for coffee at The Coffee Collective.

The former sous chef of Noma, Christian Puglisi oopned his first restaurant Relae here, as it was the only neighbourhood he could afford and if my (trends) instinct is right it’s only a matter of time before it grows into one of the cities most interesting areas .


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