Simple Pleasures: In praise of twilight


Saltoun St, Glasgow by John Gilbert Architects

October and November are my favourite months of the year, after the summer I am more than ready to pull on socks and boots and head out into the leaves and mud with the dog to enjoy cold and hopefully sunny days.

Having a dog has now given me the perfect excuse to partake in one of my favourite winter hobbies, which involves leaving the house at precisely the right time – before everyone has shut their curtains – to take a stroll along my favourite London streets and peer into warmly lit rooms. Twilight in winter has a very special quality which makes interiors look warm and inviting and I love to wander and wonder about the people who live in the cosy homes.  On returning home I light a fire and candles and leave my curtains open for others who are as nosey as me.

Winter also requires a different kind of home style cooking to get us through the dark days. Comfort is a new book by food stylist and writer Carolyn Caldicott and photographer Chris Caldott, which contains perfect versions of all the old favourites such as shepherds pie, beef and ale stew with herb dumplings, creamy fish pie, roast chicken with all the trimmings and wholesome soups.

Practical and useful with lots of lovely scene of the best of the British winter, this little book would make a perfect present for those who embrace winter in all its glory.




  • amanda says:

    What a surprise to see this picture at the top of your post. My Mother and Aunt were from Glasgow, about 30 years ago my Aunt (who stayed in Scotland) painted this very scene for my Mum (who didn’t) to remind her of “home”. It has hung on her sitting room wall ever since! Agree about walking at twilight something magical about it.

  • Maggie Graham says:

    The painting is by Glasgow artist Avril Paton. She has more twilight paintings and is very successful worldwide/ I also love to go out at twilight and I live just down the road from Saltoun Street.

  • Jane says:

    Amanda and Maggie – I also know Glasgow v well, having spent the first 13 years of my life there. I love Avril Paton’s paintings and have long admired her tenement one.

    J x

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