Middleagedmum.com: How to change a toilet roll

If you are the parent of teenagers this video by dad Will Reid will resonate and make you lol! When it popped up on my Facebook feed a few days ago I made sure my two saw it (despite not being my friend on FB) and oh how they laughed, but we will see if it makes any difference next time the toilet roll needs to be changed!

The first of series of instructional films the video went instantly viral – I wonder what the next one could be, how to pick up a towel from the bathroom floor, how to move a cup from the sofa to the kitchen, how to take your things from the bottom of the stairs to your bedroom………..the list is endless.


  • esmeralda says:

    If my son were my friend on fb I would send this to him too.

    I wonder if that is why … no, he probably does’t want me to see any drunk dancing photos.

  • Amanda says:

    How to TURN THE LIGHTS OFF, how to actually get up out of bed, how to stack the dishwasher, how to unstack the dishwasher, how to put things in the rubbish bin, how to drop things in the laundry bin rather than on the bathroom floor….I’ll stop now. Ax

  • Susanna says:

    My instructional video would be how to throw away an empty packet. I recently had a bit of a clear out of a couple of kitchen cupboards (as you do) and was mystified by the ‘snacks’ cupboard – it seemed to be full to bursting which is an unusual state of affairs. On closer inspection it turned out that each mulitpacket of crisps, cereal bars etc had been left with one in it…. as soon as I started cross questioning the teenage contingent in the house they started howling with laughter. Turns out it was a deliberate ploy to never have to put a box into the recycling. Apparently this is a step too far, effort wise!! I have to admit I was secretly rather impressed at the forethought involved :)

  • Jane says:

    me too Susanna, how to put an empty juice bottle in the re-cycling rather than back in the fridge!!
    J x

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