Alternative party dressing for those who don’t really do Party-Ready

boden_topI know we are all supposed to be excited at the idea of the party season being upon us and you all know I’ll use any excuse to enthusiastically mix a good cocktail, but I absolutely loathe the idea of dressing up in fancy party clothes. My heart sinks at the thought of having to find myself a ‘special’ party outfit, which magazines would have us believe MUST be tightly-fitted, shiny and be worn with heels.

Apparently our hair and make-up must be similarly ‘Party Ready!’ with complicated eye flicks/false lashes that I’ll never master and over-glittered nails that I know will only irritate me. I just don’t really enjoy that level of artificial dressed-up-ness, I’ve never really mastered  how to feel comfortable and glamourous while not being able to breath or balance.

Buying a party outfit is an alien thing to me, I don’t go to that many parties and at Christmas I always go to the same ones, so to invest in a new dress every time would obvs be madness and TBH I’d rather invest in a a new pair of jeans, or ahem, a sheepskin cardigan jacket thingy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled at the prospect of buying something new, because we all know that new clothes have an invisible feel-good power infused into them. I don’t know what causes it and often it washes out after a bit,  but it’s a scientific fact that new clothes make you feel good.

So here are a few non-party party things I’m currently contemplating, clothes that have a little of the party season sparkle about them but which could merge easily into your everyday wardrobe after the madness is over. Most of them appear to be ordinary clothes made in shiny material, I am clearly still having a metallic-moment.

Firstly I have really fallen for this Boden copper sequin cardigan above. Even the most dull sounding clothes (‘cardigan’ hardly shrieks ‘party-til-dawn!’ at you, after all) look a little better in muted metallic and copper is the metal-du-jour. You could chuck it over pretty much anything and you’re instantly party-ready. it’s also available in pewter and is in the sale currently at £244. Also it’s the sort of cardi you’ll own and wear until you are 90.

clun_monoco_jumpsuitI’ve got a Club Monaco crush at the moment, having spent last week in New York pottering about the brand’s flagship stores. I really liked this silky navy jumpsuit, with an elasticated wait..I mean how perfect is that? The picture above is accessorised with a belt, but it looks just fine without one. This could see you through every event of the season, including Christmas Day. Add bling when needed.

Club Monaco has a couple of lovely looking shops in London, or buy (UK) at £193 or for USA here.

dkny_metallic_topThis easy to wear, light weight metallic sweater from DKNY is the perfect relaxed-glamour number to wear with jeans or something smarter -it needs a camisole too, unless you go to different types of parties to me. It’s £140 available here and its very subtle twinkle will have no problems fitting into your after-party wardrobe.  .

hobbs_lame_topSticking with the ‘take an ordinary item and make it in metallic for Christmas’ theme, I like this Hobbs lame debutante shirt, in silk and metallic thread and copied form an original 1927 debutante style, it looks a little scary on the page but is delightful in real life, with a lightly vintage feel that I’m such a sucker for. It’ll look great with boyfriend jeans and flats. Also in the sale here at £89.

grenson's gold shoesWe were tipped off by TWR reader Belinda about these excellent Grenson Becky boots, in copper glitter at £220. Nothing makes you feel properly updated like a new pair of shoes and these are perfect party ones that will slip seemlessly into brightening up your every day wear.

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If money is tight, can i recommend the Revlon Parfumerie scented nail polish in Beachy? I bought this last week and although the scent is a bit here-nor-there (slightly peachy, but you have to sniff hard) the gentle glamour of nicely shimmery (no annoying glitter flakes here) gold nails lifts your spirits and makes you feel in good spirits even if there are no parties on your Christmas schedule.