Win a beautiful Protected Species rain coat, on us!

protected species rain trench

You may remember we wrote about the Protected Species rain mac and parka back here. I have hardly taken my parka of since I got mine, it is extremely practical -light weight for carrying, smart, snugly dry during downpours and also very warm. I worked it hard in New York last week when it was both freezing cold and rainy and it excelled.

And to make your Christmas, we are offering you the chance to WIN your own, yep, free of charge, all for you. The nice people who run the brand (and they are VERY nice indeed, which shouldn’t be important but it is) have offered us one to give away to a deserving reader. Either a lovely smart trench-style West End Mac in cobblestone, or a Northern Quarter parka in cobblestone, which ever you fancy. All you have to do is leave a suitably witty comment in the comment box below the post saying why you you deserve the treat, with reference perhaps to your frazzled (or perhaps extremely organised) state of mind as the festive season approaches.

Also you need to sign up for our daily email (in right hand box above), if you already get us by email we will know, so don’t panic, just say this on the comment you leave.


Off you go then, why do you deserve a beautiful Protected Species coat this Christmas?

For anyone who can’t wait (we’ll pick the winner Friday 18th December) there’s a special offer of 30% off ( there’s currently a 25% off sale on, so we’re giving you an extra 5%) by using the code TWR30 on the Protected Species Website. You are very welcome.



  • When you start commenting on blogs at 5.30 am you know you need to chill out. I’m an artist and I’ve pledged to do a painting of our little french village everyday for a year, now the weather has turned I definitely need the protection of a really good raincoat to work outside. With a spaniel puppy to walk I could use this coat, if it is washable of course. With a poorly husband who has been in hospital for weeks I need a sign the God’s are looking kindly on me with a nice treat. Now off to sign up for the daily email – I hope it drops into my box early each day – the women’s room blog is my morning treat to keep me connected to London life.

  • sarah says:

    Round here we have a saying, ‘Fen fashion’
    I caught sight of myself in the car window and Michael Foot looked back! A conviction politician but no fashion icon.
    Even the dogs are embarassed by my horrid old coat.
    Please save me from the Fen blow and my dogs from counselling.

  • sarah says:

    PS I get the blog by e mail.

  • Mrs Ford says:

    It’s not for me but for the good people of my village who must despair of seeing me tramping around in the same awful dog walking clothes every day; I’m sure it would cheer them to see a beacon of sophisticated urban style instead.

  • Carol says:

    As Lorraine said in her comment, to be reading blogs at this hour shows the crazy making going on here. I’m sad to say that when the ability to be witty was doled out, I seem to have been passed over. Not my strong suit. I get you posts via bloglovin, and although I’m far from you, both geographically and age-wise, I do so look forward to reading about fashion and your particular take on current offerings

  • Sarah says:

    As a knitter, I need something to wear over my handmade sweaters :) It’s only proper to treat the wool and other fiber with respect!

  • Heather Hill says:

    At this time of year it would be great to have the anticipation of Secret Santa, without the dread of some more scented tealights. Signing up for the e-mail now.

  • Charlotte says:

    So far I have had to idea, source, buy and wrap presents for my teens and my husband from my in-laws, ditto for my disabled Dad to give to my Mum. I have arranged carers to look after my Dad while I take my Mum Christmas shopping. I have 20 for Christmas lunch!!! (Why oh why?!) Finally someone asks me what I’d like for Christmas and I have run out of head space to even think about it. This lovely mac would be perfect. At this rate I’ll be wearing it to sit down to eat Christmas lunch as I can’t see when I’m going to fit in buying the perfect Christmas outfit. Merry Christmas!

  • Sue says:

    I am afraid I haven’t got anything witty to add. I have signed up for your daily emails, though. A daily treat.This past term, for various dull reasons, I have found myself cycling for two hours a day, getting my spatial awareness challenged youngest son to a bus stop and back, mostly in the wind and rain, and recently in the pitch black both ways aswell. Oh, joy. But, Hurrah! Yesterday was the last day of term. I took your previous (very good) advice and bought a Stutterheim raincoat for heavy duty downpours, but would very much like a covering for the days when it is merely raining non-stop. Christmas is currently in a hundred delivery boxes, but the tree arrives this afternoon: everything is going to get organised very soon. Happy Christmas, Amanda and Jane.

  • Rebecca says:

    I think it’s rained 100 days in coastal Maine since, oh, October, though there’s been snow on the days when it hasn’t been raining. Being a “winnah” as we say here, as well as getting a warm but fashionable rain coat, would be spectacular! Signing up for your email (tho I read your blog weekly, anyway!).

  • emily omara says:

    I need a good waterproof mac which is also stylish, this one is perfect!

  • Donna Ferguson says:

    Though I may not “deserve” a Protected Species Northern Quarter parka in cobblestone, such a beautiful coat may well serve to be my turning point. Yes, picture it: the moment I slip that divinely styled parka over my shoulders becomes my glass-slipper-fits, Cinderella-lives-happily-ever-after moment. While my Prince has long since come, that fairy tale wardrobe moment has been missing from this woman’s picture. (Alas and Alack…*BIG sigh*) Help me, Protected Species, you’re my only hope!

  • Claire says:

    Just spotted this – I am too sleep deprived to think of something witty but – as my 12 week old daughter will only sleep in a moving buggy – I could do with a stylish raincoat while I am out pounding the streets.

  • Amanda says:

    I am beginning to wish we had rain coats for every entry, you are all so deserving….anyone else? Ax

  • amanda nicoll says:

    I’m singing in the rain
    Just singing in the rain
    What a wonderful feeling
    In Protected Species, I’m happy again!

    I promise to re-enact the famous scene on the drizzly streets of Inverness if I’m lucky enough to win! Have signed up for daily e-mail too.

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