Eat Your Books

I can’t decide if Eat Your Books is a bonkers or brilliant idea.

The online website collates all your own cookery books, blogs and food mags you subscribe to and allows you to search for recipes. So basically, if you are too lazy to sit and look through all your own cookery book indexes while inwardly cursing ‘I’m sure that was a Nigel Slater recipe…..or was it Nigella?’ Or if you often see a recipe on a blog you follow and when you come to cook, can’t remember which one, this will find it for you. It’s very easy to add all your cookery books, so far I haven’t found any it doesn’t know about.

It does a bit more too, it allows you to tag your own recipes for your own searches, add notes to the recipes, create a shopping list, find new food blogs and magazines to read (I spent quite a while on this) and generally get more out of your own book collection. I saw it recently in the Waitrose magazine because all its recipes (back dated to 2006) are now listed.

I’ve joined, (it’s around £1.59 a month) and will let you know how I get on, but already I feel like I’m going to use this on my ipad a lot. Youngestson never looks at my cook books now as he searches every recipe online, but sometimes you want your old favourites, so maybe this will help him use my books more too.

What do you think, mad or marvellous?

UPDATE, Eat Your Books has just offered readers a 3 month free trial, just use the code TWR15 on the website. You’ve very welcome.


  • JaneEYB says:

    Thank you for your lovely review of our website. I just want to mention that we link to the Waitrose website for the full recipes for any of the magazine recipes that are listed there. We’ve indexed 3,775 recipes from the Waitrose magazines so far (we will eventually have indexed every issue) and of those 1,711 have links to the full recipe.

  • PatTaz says:

    As a long time user of Eat Your Books, I would like to endorse that it is an absolutely brilliant website. As a cookbookaholic it felt like a dream come true when I discovered it by chance. I had often toyed with the idea of setting up my own database of recipes in my own books but then discovered I didn’t have to as someone had already thought of it. If you have a few books or a lot, as I have, you will make much better use of them and even spot other books that you feel you really can’t do without. Pleased to see it mentioned in Waitrose magazine as it is worth every penny of the modest subscription.

  • amanda says:

    having used it solidly for the last few weeks, I am now wondering how on earth I survived without it. Ax

  • anonymous says:

    Does Waitrose pay subscribers for all this valuable information?

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