Rush Salon Styling Collection at Marks & Spencer


This is a lovely new range of semi-professional hair styling products from luxury London based hair salon collective Rush, which has collaborated with M&S to produce a very well priced collection.

Two years in the making, the range is deliberately well priced (everything’s under a tenner), has a lovely fresh citrus smell and comes in shades-of-indigo bottles which I rather love, there’s something about indigo blue…

I had a trial of it this week at the Piccadilly branch of Rush, where it was explained that the range is aimed at women with more mature hair- kind of. The M&S customer is exactly where Rush  feels it wanted to be as it knows this customer well through its extensive (and award winning) experience with its own salon clients, women who want non fussy, good quality styling products that deliver. With no gimmicky promises.

Why not shampoos first? Apparently as consumers we are much happier trying new styling products than we are new shampoos, as we all have our favourites and don’t like changing. The brand will be bringing shampoos out eventually, but for now the styling products are here for us to play with. And jolly good they are too. The ‘hero’ product the brand is super pleased with is the Ultimate Blow Dry lotion, a moisturiser for your hair that you apply before blow-drying. I’ve used this, it’s excellent, my hair is softer with it. I’ve also tried the Survive and Revive dry shampoo, which works wonders on my droopy fringe land eaves much less powdery residue on your hair than some brands I could mention- you don’t look like you’re heading to a ‘ghost and gouls’ party after you’ve sprayed.

Thumbs up from me.

Available at all Marks & Spencer store, and on line



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  • LucyElyard says:

    These are great hair care products

  • EmmaBean says:

    These hair care products are a game-changer! The agave-infused formula works wonders, leaving my locks incredibly soft, shiny, and frizz-free (agave images). It’s like a spa day for my hair every time I use them. Plus, the images of lush agave plants evoke a sense of natural beauty and purity, perfectly reflecting the results these products deliver. Simply a must-have for anyone seeking healthy, radiant hair!

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