Weekend Woman: Jo Malone


Did anyone else hear the inspiring Desert Island Discs this week featuring Jo Malone? Jo is one of our TWR perfume heroines.

Everyone knows Jo Malone, it’s hard to overestimate the influence Jo has had on our fragrance buying habits, from her interesting mixes of herbs, spices and flowers to those highly covetable cream boxes trimmed with black. I’ve hung around enough department stores before Christmas, watching the queues form at the Jo Malone counter to know that people just love the brand and I think it’s the only perfume counter that needs velvet ropes to contain the queues. People love anything from Jo Malone.

She no longer owns that brand but her influence is still strong, she now has Jo Loves, because having made a fortune from selling the brand to Estée Lauder, she got bored and miserable not working so went back to creating fragrance. She’s also struggled to overcome aggressive breast cancer and has watched her beloved husband nearly die through illness.

I always knew she was a hard working, self made person, which is enough to inspire anyone, but I didn’ t know she was hugely dyslexic, all found out through her Desert Island Discs. I urge you to listen if you have nothing better to do, as she really is an inspiration to all women on overcoming and excelling, what ever life throws at you.


  • Cali says:

    I missed this on Friday so thanks for the reminder to catch the replay… I’ve always been very impressed with Jo.

  • Leanne says:

    I adore Jo Malone scents – I havent seen any Jo Loves here in Australia might be a good excuse for another trip to the UK one day!

  • Amanda says:

    I must review a few for you Leanne, I’ve been meaning to for a while, so it’s on the job list. A

  • Karen Inglis says:

    I heard it – and found it fascinating and hugely inspiring, especially listening to how she started at such a young age after watching her grandmother. Working in the early days from her kitchen set-up to supply the rich and famous just goes to show her talent and determination…And what a supportive husband. I’d highly recommend listening to it…

  • Shanda says:

    So inspiring! I’m going to request a bottle of her perfume for my February birthday. Thank you for sharing!

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