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The writer, knitter, quilter and baker Jane Brocket is someone we are hugely proud to call a friend at TWR. We adored Jane’s Yarnstorm blog aeons before we ever got to meet her and both of us are keen users of all JBs brilliant books. One of the very best things about blogging is meeting other like minded bloggers and meeting Jane’s been a bit of a highlight for both of us, she even won our Ace Hotel weekend give away at our Women Of Substance event, so we feel weirdly but fabulously connected.

The Yarnstorm blog has now morphed into Yarnstorm Press, where Jane has recently launched the first in her PDF series of Pocket Brocket city guides, called Capital Tours. Jane’s been writing about her countrywide visits under the Grand Provincial Tour blogposts for a while, but the Capital Tour series are bigger and more comprehensive guides that include eating, sleeping, walking, buying and seeing ideas.

She’s started with Shoreditch, Preston and Chichester. They really are terrific, Jane has a great eye for a photo and a keen sense of colour and place and reading the Shoreditch one made me want to drop everything and head east.

Rather than turning them into printed books (so very last season..) Jane has produced the guides as PDFs and you can download them from her website for a small donation to the Trussell Trust, a charity that provides food banks around the country. She’s already raised over £400 for the charity, you can find out more on her website here.

jane-brocket-pocket-guide-04As our TWR Jane recently wrote, January is a miserable month made all the better for walking. We can’t think of a better way to experience Shoreditch (or Preston and Chichester) than with a Brocket guide in your pocket and a skip in your step. Enjoy!

jane-brocket-pocket-guide-02All images here are from Jane’s Capital Tour Shoreditch guide, where she’s sought out the best and most interesting shops, museums and eateries to visit.




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