Finery: A new brand to LOVE

FINERYNot since the launch of our beloved COS have I been so excited about a new clothing range. And since COS is not exciting me quite as much as it used to (come back Rebekka Bay – now that Gap have re-structured you out of the business) the new online range Finery London, could be just the thing to see me into the new season in style.

Officially launching this week (online only – although there is a pop up showroom currently in Soho) the new brand is headed up by Caren Downie (ex Top Shop and ASOS), with Emma Farrow (ex ASOS)  as head of buying and Rachel Morgans (also ex Top Shop) as head of design.

The range focuses on good design, function and attention to detail. Caren doesn’t think that women shop by age, more by personality and doesn’t want to chase trends. “We aim to flatter, we want you to look the best you can and make clothes that help you to do that. I don’t want to be chasing the colour of the season – I want it to stand for being individual.”.

Page-Dress-AbstractPrint-1204RE1510-DetailI love the look of the Marni-esque prints, simple styling and the fact that the range focuses on key pieces rather than an obviously co-ordinated collection – leaving room for individual interpretation.

FINERY 3A particular highlight is the footwear range, with prices placed somewhere between COS and & Other Stories.

FINERY SHOES 1Definitely one to watch, sign up now to get an early adopter discount.




  • sarah says:

    These shoes look right up my street. Thanks.

  • Jane says:

    Love the look of this especially those sandals so looking forward to viewing the full offering. Though, its probably just me, shopping online drives me nuts not knowing the brand I don’t know the size and fit so as great as it is to have everything delivered to my door its the hassle and cost of returning it all that gets me so will be interesting to see their returns policy.
    it will be rather good though to have somewhere else than & other stories to shop as I agree that Cos has slightly gone off the boil recently would be lovely to see Ms Bay back.

  • sue evans says:

    OOOh Thanks for the heads-up Jane. Loving the gold skirt and ALL the shoes. I am not sure about ordering shoes online after ordering metallic Grensons that are KILLERS ( can only walk about 5 yards in them before I find myself hailing a taxi and that isn’t an option here. Don’t think taxis exist in this part of the world) so would love to know where the pop-up shop is and how long it’s open for if you have that info.

    Quality looks good too which is something I find missing at AOStories. Hence no AOS purchases.

    Exciting news !

  • Claire says:

    Ooh yes! Like the shoes.

  • Father Bob says:

    Over fifty years ago, I had a pair of Golf Shoes with “rain flaps” so, to be back in fashion, can I buy these with rubber studs?

  • Mrs P says:

    Everything pictured here looks great. You are truly wonderful for alerting your readers to stuff like this! I was a very early adopter of Cos and should have got commission for the amount of people I told about them! I loved them and could guarantee to always find an item I had to have whenever I went in. Sadly not the case now, but it doesn’t stop me always going in to look ….

  • Jane says:

    Oh no Sue – all my Grensons are SO comfortable, Id send them back and explain as they are really lovely (and helpful) people. Just bought the gold/ginger trousers and the quality is v nice as I agree on &OS – not good and Cos is edging that way too – think the H&M margin is creeping in!!
    Seems Im not the only one that thinks COS isn’t as good as it was.
    No Father Bob they are NOT “golf shoes” *tuts*

    J x

  • amanda says:

    Pop up shop gone Sue, went over yesterday to take a look and it’s empty. Ax

  • sue evans says:

    Yes, shame about the Grensons. I wore them a few times in London and they were OK but after 6 months here living in trainers and Uggs maybe my feet assume they need cushioning at all times. Wore the Grensons in NY last week and literally walked from our office in Bryant Park to Joe Fresh on about 43rd and 5th and had to get a taxi back to my hotel ! Anyone interested in Grenson metallic brogues with white sole, size 5, they are going spare for £80 !!

  • Vanessa says:

    I so want to love these clothes but…. just look at the stitching of the sleeve hem on that gorgeous Marni print top in your photo. To me that just ruins it all and the hem of the print dress is the same. There are several other items on the site that just aren’t quite hanging right because of the finishing again. And too many sleeveless dresses (speaking as one who is no longer of the age for sleeveless). On the other hand that sequined brown skirt, which I’d never wear but can ogle from afar, the shoes, the leather jacket and coat – swoon.

  • Jane says:

    Vanessa just received my trousers and they are reasonably good quality but a weird shape. Thats the thing with online only shops – a lot of visits to the Post Office and God knows in London thats a nightmare!! JX

  • Claire says:

    I’ve just ordered some shoes, trousers and a scarf. Will let you know. I agree re sleeveless dresses – my thoughts as well.

  • Vanessa says:

    They have a new pop-up shop on Monmouth St. I went along today. You can try on clothes but can’t buy in situ, only order for delivery with a 20% discount. The whole thing feels a bit silly and amateurish – sort of like Argos (remember the pencils and cards?) on steroids with very little product available (e.g. no leather clothing, only a few shoes). I really went to see if their shoes fit me, which they don’t. I think my interest in the potential of Finery has come to an end.

  • Claire says:

    Delivery came quickly and smartly packaged. Unfortunately the shoes did not fit – far too narrow and very stiff/hard. (I had ordered the khaki coloured lace-ups). The trousers also went back as did not like enough to keep and I have enough pairs of black trousers! I kept the scarf. Still, had free return so that’s a plus.

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