In praise of casual camel

found-on-models-oneIn the madness of keeping up with the trends as they happen at Fashion Weeks all over the globe (well ok, we appreciate you might not ALL be as fussed as we are) and all that ‘double seasoning’ (it’s a ‘thing’, see here) with our wardrobe updates, there is something gloriously, reassuringly grounded about something classic and casual in camel.

The colour camel (and it has to be the right shade -absolutely NOT beige) has an elegant calmness about it. When made up into a modern classic in a fabulous fabric it has a place in any wardrobe. My personal preference is for a style that errs towards modern casual rather than too uptight a structure, worn with jeans and flats, or even -très modern- with bright trainers.

I say this with longing in my heart because last week, while checking out the new season drops from retailers, I lusted over the fabulousness of a double faced camel fabric, 30% cashmere 70% wool, in Jaeger, made up into a limited range of beautifully simple items. The sort of simple that costs.

If I had a smart job where I could rock a dress and coat look and a bank balance that would support the purchase, I’d’ve bought both the neatly simple shift dress (£350) and the cardigan-casual trench-wrap coat (£650) to wear over, it in a HEARTBEAT. The fabric is weepingly divine; soft and very light, the unstructured coat has a drape-y, easy feel to it as it’s not lined.

Jaeger double face wool cashmere coat and dress

Jaeger double face wool cashmere coat and dress

Sadly, I’m struggling to see an occasion where I’d wear the dress (although perhaps with simple flat white pumps?) but the coat is another matter and there is a useful pencil skirt too. I think both would slip easily into anyone’s wardrobe -yes I know these are expensive, but this is what the word ‘investment dressing’ was invented for. The fashion maths here works a bit like George Osbourne’s Quantitive Easing, you add more quality items to your wardrobe to invest in a brighter future…or something like that. It certainly works under the ‘buy less but buy better’ mantra.


Whatever. If you are close to a Jaeger and you you think this might be of interest, I urge you to go and stroke this fabric. I held it for so long in the Regent Street store the staff started to look at me with concerned ‘are-we-talking-care-in-the-community?’ eyes.

I also liked the shorter, reversible coats (£399) in the same (or certainly similar) fabric that had a shot of colour bonded on, if too much camel isn’t your thing. I was drawn to the pink, which looks better as a highlight, with the grey side outermost.

BTW, Well done Jaeger, on the website update, it’s looking much better, although I’d still prefer less styling with court shoes and more flat brogues and colourful trainers, but maybe that’s just me.

For those looking for a bargain, there are some Jaeger winter camel styles still available in the sale here

image from pinterest

image from pinterest


  • Sue says:

    Weird how your eye changes, isn’t it? I love trainers/plimsolls with classic-y clothes and denim now. I would also endorse the double face reversible coats from Jaeger – I bought the navy/black one (same length as the paler colours you’ve pictured) in the sale half price (half price!) , but they have a camel/pale grey one as well that was lovely.

  • Belinda says:

    I think you should definitely buy the dress and wear it with trainers. Or my perennial favourite, Converse. Perfect for the next DJ gig we have…

  • amanda says:

    Sue, good to hear the fabric has your approval and half price indeed! well done. B, very tempted, I have to admit….x

  • Monix says:

    Spooky … I got the coat and it is indeed really useful. The dress could be worn with boots or a leather jacket? Go on Amanda!

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