Watch this: Iris Apfel at The Met and Raf Simons at Dior

A couple of fashion film tips for you today, both of which look unmissable and show how style, imagination and creativity are totally unrelated to age.

Above is a trailer from Iris, a documentary film by director Albert Maysles, about our beloved style icon Iris Apfel and her exhibition at The Met museum in 2006. Albert Maysles, you may remember, made the wonderful Grey Gardens film, so that’s reason enough to take this seriously; sadly, this was one of the last films Albert made as he has recently passed away.

The film is due for release soon, although you might have to hunt for a cinema showing it. It is promoted by one of the very best film posters I’ve ever seen, if I ran a cinema I’d have it for the poster alone….Even the trailer is full of Iris’s witty and pithy one  liners (‘I don’t have any rules, because I’d always be breaking them, so it’s a waste of time”….) so a whole film of her sounds like it might be a classic.


And then there’s Dior and I, a glimpse into the rarified – and one suspects much less light hearted- world of haute couture, covering the first eight weeks of young Raf Simons’ tenure as designer-in-chief at the house. Raf looks a teeny bit scared of those atelier women, but does a good job of remaining calm. It looks to me as if he could have done with Iris at his side to cheer him up and offer pithy words of wisdom along the way, but – spoiler alert- he does ok. I love it when they spray the jacket black……

Out on the 27th March, who’s turn is it to buy the popcorn?

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