Spring chills: what to wear until it’s warm enough not to need a coat?


Rolling up the sleeves of your winter coat is not an option

While the weather is yoyo-ing between mid winter arctic blasts and sunshine hot enough to rival the Caribbean, I’m left in a conundrum about what to wear on top of spring clothes. Winter coats will land you in sweaty trouble once you hit the inside of a bus or shop, even if you could roll up the sleeves as above, but a summer jacket might have you shivering like Bambi by the evening.

You might like to consider Winser London’s best selling Milano wool collection. I was reminded of it when at the AW15 press show recently, the firmly knitted merino is substantial enough to create a softly tailored shape, but is still an easy wear and ideal for this weird in-betweener-weather.

it also comes in red. Remember what Jane told us about red back here? Since she’s always a bit ahead of the curve, it might be time for the rest of us to think about it as an uplifting spring colour, I love this short coat shape below..

winser red coat

I also love the easy fit of the single breasted coat below, with its popper front. The spring appeal of antique white is tempting but I’d  probably end up buying it in black.

winser-london-02Another ideal transition shape is the blazer jacket, seen below in either the simple patch pocket navy version, or the more French-chic brass button double breasted blazer, something to wear over your Breton T shirt perhaps?


winser-london-04Winser London is available at John Lewis now too, as well as its own website.



  • Sarah says:

    Very timely post, we live in the semi-sticks but a Winser has opened in our small town, time for me to check it out.

  • Amanda says:

    Oh interesting Sarah, I wasn’t aware they’d opened any stand alone stores….A

  • Monix says:

    I have worn that antique white cardi/coat for the last month, even on the tube. So useful with jeans and smarter trousers – thinking of getting the grey one too!

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