Older style inspiration

Older Style Inspiration The Womens Room

Images from The Sartorialist and Pinterest

As I’m struggling with my attempts to go grey (more of this to follow) I thought it might be time for some style inspiration, featuring the kind of uber chic women you see on the streets of New York and Milan.

If only it were that easy to be so effortlessly stylish – but I will be trying out a turban today – assuming its not pouring with rain!

Happy Tuesday……

Older style inspiration the womens room 02
Older Style Inspiration The Womens Room


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  • Daniela says:

    Jane, I’m with you on this! Beautiful and inspiring pics. x Dani

  • sarah says:

    I absolutely agree, terrific silver vixens and one bold fox.
    Don’t give up on the silver, best thing I ever did.

  • Helen says:

    And lovely to have you back on the blog! Great style pics, and look forward to the next chapter in “Going Grey”. Good luck with the turban today. Helen x

  • katy says:

    Great pictures, however it looks like going grey is easier if you are tall, slim, have silky soft hair or amazing bone structure!

  • kate from cheshire says:

    White/Silver is much better than the mousy brown I used to be – I’m short too but secretly I always feel quite tall.

  • Claire says:

    I wish I’d never coloured my bloody hair. I’m 54 and was formerly a raven haired Celt. Now I have a strange mustard lob which is just not me .
    Show us the way to go !

  • Jane says:

    silver update soon and thanks for the lovely comments
    J x

  • MJ says:

    Must say that I agree with Katy. I think grey/silver can look fantastic on lots of women–as shown in these photos–but not everyone can pull it off. I’ve opted for a progressively lighter shade of my natural dark brown so that the colouring is less obvious and needs to be done less frequently. It’s a happy compromise for me.

  • Jill J. says:

    Going grey is easier if you never start coloring in the first place.

  • Misty says:

    I like grey/silver style but I am brown skin tanned by summer and I do not know as I will look with this. Do you have any picture of women brown with hair grey? Thanks… I love your blog

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