Fabulous sun dresses that don’t cost the Earth

finery_the_womens_roomSooo, here we are at that point in our British summer when it is properly, hellishly hot -yesterday was the hottest day recorded in July EVER. You discover you have nothing in your wardrobe that looks remotely like it would keep you this side of tropical, temperature wise or like you are in touch with current trends. So you start thinking “shall I buy a new sun dress?’

I have a small box in the wardrobe full of the type of sundresses needed for this weather, it comes out every year for two or three weeks then goes back into the shaded recesses until next year. The problem with our summers is that you never wear out sundresses, they just don’t get the opportunity to perform much, so they last ages and before long you are sick to death of them. But guilt sets in if I start considering a new one, as we know in our hearts it’ll be raining this time next week, which is why we should all thank heaven for Finery’s sale.

Actually not everything I’m mentioning here is in the sale, but Finery prices are reasonable, so even the most expensive isn’t too scary. I am smitten with this non-sale Iris Print dress above, at £69, which is beautifully bold and modern in its approach to print. What a joy to see a grown up floral in interesting colour combinations, it looks elegantly grown up and effortless to wear. Yes it is sleeveless, but who is wearing sleeves in this heat? And I’m a bit fed up of being told to hide my upper arms,

finery_sundresses_the_womens_room_blogThen this Shipton cotton and airtex dress at £79 looks like it would work hard at keeping you cool, with airtex-covered cut-out bits to encourage drafts….If you are worried about the length, consider wearing it over crisp white linen cut offs, Finery describe it as their take on the modern polo shirt dress.

I love the easy tunic-like shape of the arty-print Forester shift below, where its neat collar adds a slightly smarter vibe but the generous sleeves would let in air. it is in the sale at £29.00finery-the-womens-room-blogAnd this really simple Marner shift dress below at £29.00

finery_the_womens_room_blogThere are lots more, but you can discover for yourself over at the Finery website. Or you could but a really big fan, of course.


  • Linda P says:

    Any suggestions for women larger than size 14? Have dress envy here!

  • Amanda says:

    Linda, Jaeger have some good sun dresses in the sale and they are good up to size 20, look for the linen jersey ones, also are you familiar with Violeta by Mango? It has great sundresses that don’t cost the earth up to size 22. Ax

  • Sue says:

    oh, dear. I shouldn’t have, but I have ordered the shift with the hope it is Marni-ish…Xsue

  • Amanda says:

    Let us know Sue! Ax

  • Nicola says:

    Thanks for the Finery tip! I’ve bought the Marner dress and the Abbot dress and, ahem, some mules. Love them all. What a relief to find dresses of a decent length. The next test will be how the dresses wash, but so far I’m really pleased.

  • Amanda says:

    Nicola, I bought a navy v neck top in satin earlier in the season and it washes like a dream, I couldn’t believe it, so hope yours wash well too. A

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