New designer crush: Rachel Comey

Image New York Times

The designer Rachel Comey, Image New York Times

Attention womenfolk, there’s a terrific womenswear designer – fairly new to the UK – to take note of, her name is Rachel Comey.

We met Rachel, who is from the US and has a strong following amongst the cool arty types who live in Brooklyn and elsewhere, last week at Matches, who stock her excellent range of very wearable clothes. She was delightful and very grounded in understanding who her customers are. She has just opened her very first store in Crosby Street, New York and told me that although she has a reputation of being a go-to brand for gorgeous hipster girls, many of her customers are in their 50s, 60s and 70s, ‘Some even older I think, I’ve had a chance to speak with them in the new store and they buy lots!’ she said. I can tell you why, they are not just gorgeous clothes -lovely quality, great fabrics and modern -but also wearable and flattering what ever your age.

Ruth Chapman, owner of Matches and host of the meet-and-greet with Rachel told me she thought they were “clothes for the modern grown up woman’. I asked Ruth what she had from Rachel’s range, and she said the clothes had sold so fast (spring summer was the first season Rachel was stocked by the chain) she was too slow to get anything, but confessed she was eyeing up the dark-cuffed jeans due to their excellent fit and the striped shirts coming in the winter 2015 collection.

rachel_comey_thewomensroomblog_02The transition range has just hit, and I really loved this Islip trench dress above, which looks ‘thin’ but actually has tie threads at the back which allow you to loosen the style up a little. It looks immensely useful and a good travelling dress, due to the fabric. it has that easy, kimono style fit.

I also like the look of these perforated flat summer sandals, Rachel is well known for her shoes, which for winter look like they’ve been inspired by Biba.


Then I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but I quite liked her distressed chino culottes, I know I said they were not for me, but I’m coming round to them and Rachel was wearing some and looked fabulous in them. rachel_comey_thewomensroomblog_03
Then for those of us who like a more generous cut, can i point you at the two summer styles below, the white denim dress (currently in the sale, just mentioning it) and the crisp oversized striped cotton dress from the transition range. Altogether, a brand worth keeping an eye on.



  • Jan says:

    I fear I couldn’t see the attraction with this collection . Maybe the clothes look different in real life.Not sure that khaki-green, nylon would be my first choice for summer wear. Nylon is unforgiving in warm weather. If you’re super slim and super young you can get away with anything, including half-mast wide trousers but this style is, I think, the least flattering for women who don’t fall into those categories.

  • Amanda says:

    Jan ,I’m with you on the SOUND of nylon khaki, but trust me, it is a lovely dress IRL. I think sometimes the best clothes do look a bit dull in an image because the detail is all in the fit, fabric and shape once on. Clothes that sing and dance in a photo are often a disappointment when you actually put them on. I think shape does have a lot to do with it, but I’ll have to disagree with you on age, I’ve seen the best looking culottes and wide leg trousers on grown up women. A

  • Christine Burns says:

    Her patterns have been in Vogue for some years now and a skirt of hers must be one of the most makes ever if you check it out in the blogs. Vogue 1247.

  • Amanda says:

    nice tip Christine, thanks for that! A

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