Country Home Inspiration at Gudrun SJõdén


Last weekend I went to Wales to visit my friend Lindsay, who has fabulous taste and could be the Martha Stewart of Pembrokeshire in terms of what she does with her house style. Living as she does, miles away from anywhere in the deepest countryside, she has built up a collection of artfully eclectic crockery and glassware that she’s picked up for a song at her local auctions and junk shops. I’ve come back from the visit wanting to go all arty and colourful, but need a quick fix in terms of supplier. So good to see our Swedish pal Gudrun Sjõdén has also taken inspiration from country retreats (in her case Norway, Iceland and Copenhagen) to come up with some lovely pieces that’ll do the trick.

I’m taken with the jolly Helga china range, and the Oda rugs and charming cotton organza curtains. I always think of clothes when I think of Gudrun, but she does some excellent home furnishings, including fabric, too. Is it too late to make some Bank Holiday bunting, I wonder? More here.




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