The Temporary Bride by Jennifer Klinec


This book surprised me, I approached it with a slightly heavy heart, anticipating it was yet another food-writer-seeks-world-travel-and-finds-herself, and although it kind of is, it’s also much more than that, as is the author Jennifer Klinec, and is worth considering if you enjoy reading about adventures around food.

It’s a very well observed and well written look into the lives of ordinary people in Iran, a country I carried all sorts of pre-judgements about, mostly based on the news I’ve read/watched. Jennifer gives you a first hand insight into the culture, the everyday rituals such as eating, living and (mostly food) shopping as well as what it’s like being a woman in modern Iran. She unearths some wonderful Persian foods to try, and a few challenging ones too (whole sheep’s head anyone?) which she describes with gusto and proper foodie knowledge -she’s a professional cook. Some of her food adventures had me worried for her safety and the whole book illustrates how unusual and brave she must be.

And then just when you are getting into the food escapades, she falls in love, so the final part of the book documents the difficulties that arise from this, using the unlikely background of the Iranian countryside and its people to illustrate events. Unexpectedly enjoyable, good for foodies and romantics. Buy below.
The Temporary Bride: A Memoir of Love and Food in Iran

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