What Older Actresses Did Next…with Inside Amy Schumer

OK so I’m going to start this post today with a big warning sign, since it is Monday morning and you all may be a bit sleepy, THERE ARE RUDE WORDS IN THIS VIDEO, the F word is used a lot, as in f***able, so maybe don’t have the sound on too loud if you have small children or big bosses around.

Do you remember Patricia Arquette’s passionate speech at the Oscars about equal status and pay for female actresses? And the debacle over those Sony email leeks, revealing female actors such as Jennifer Laurence being paid much less -in her case 23% less in American Hustle -than the male actors in Hollywood, and Maggie Gyllenhaal revealing she’s recently been told she was too old at 37, to play a 55 year old man’s girlfriend? Well female actors are getting pro active on how outrageous the ageism and sexism is in Hollywood (and the film industry in general). One of the initiatives that excited me was hearing that Meryl Streep has started a screenwriting lab for women over 40 in the US, I’m sure women over 40 write MUCH more interesting stories than anyone, because think of all the stuff we’ve seen and done!

But by far the funniest take on the absurdity of it all is this fabulous sketch, by Amy Shumer, featuring Patricia Arquette, Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, called Julia’s Last F***able Day. Grab a coffee/glass of wine and enjoy.

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