Terrariums, Gardens Under Glass by Maria Colletti

You know how we love a terrarium, in fact we’ve been talking about them since the beginning of last year, so we were very excited to see this new book from Maria Colletti on the subject. It doesn’t disappoint, if you fancy making your own terrarium -which is surprisingly easy if you follow Maria’s advice – then this is the book for you. It covers all you need to know on creating your own ecosystem in which to encourage verdant growth. The was first published in the US and if you are in any doubt as to the popularity of this trend, tap terrarium into Instagram search and see how many images come up ( just over 51,000 as I write this).

It’s not only easy, but also quite cheap to make your own terrarium, as the plants are small and the equipment needed quite simple. Selecting the glass container is probably the most expensive and taxing decision to make, although I’ve got a load of old glass jars hanging about the cupboard so I’m going to play about with them. I might even get around to making some for Christmas presents.

Terrariums – Gardens Under Glass: Designing, Creating, and Planting Modern Indoor Gardens

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