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So, Ibiza! After years of wondering, I finally got to go recently. What a gorgeous place it is, I will be going back as soon as I can, its gentle, easy-going vibe and faint hint of 70s hippydom is right up my street and on a few occasions, style-wise, I felt like I was living in a Slim Aarons picture.

While we were there, my clever host (thanks Julia), who is tuned to all things exciting in terms of what’s happening on the Island, got us into the hottest food happening this summer, The Ibiza Food Studio, a supper club very recently started (July this year) by ex Moma chef, Boris Buono.

Boris moved to Ibiza this summer, feeling (reading between the lines) a bit burnt out with restaurant cooking and with a need to get back to the food and the customer. He has certainly done that with this venture.

We were picked up from Bar 1805 (good negronis) and guided through the white washed houses and steep steps of Old Ibiza Town, until we reached what felt like Boris’s front lounge. There we sat at long wooden tables and watched Boris and his team create delicious seafood dishes from  a home-style kitchen. Well, apart from the beautiful rose quartz crystal mini-mountain set into one end of the counter. Boris told us that it brought love and warmth to the room, and didn’t we know that Ibiza was built on rose quartz? I can find no evidence of this last statement, but it did look very pretty.


The food, I think it was around five or six courses, was amazing. Calamari lightly fried (with a touch of curry powder in the batter, which we thought was genius) served with squid ink aioli, monk fish slabs resting on charred baby leeks, seared pieces of super-fresh cod, melt-in-the-mouth langoustine, honestly it was amazing. TBH we were too greedily impatient to ask exacting detailed questions on the ingredients, it was all too tasty to ignore.

ibiza food club

The wooden tables encouraged you to make new friends, the atmosphere is relaxed and warm and drinks flow freely from the cocktail trolly (we SO need a return to the hostess trolley). I can thoroughly recommend the Conca de Barbera 2013 from Nas del Gegant. Although Ibiza Food Club is relatively new, booking is essential and next season I suspect you may have to stay on your toes to get in at all. Contact Boris here.

As we happily stumbled out in the early hours, Boris gave us a huge hug at the doorway, not something Michelin starred chefs usually do as their guests leave. ‘Spread the word!’ he said, so I am. On the random chance you are going to Ibiza soon, or next season, this could end up being the food highlight of your holiday. Our supper cost around 60 euros each, wine is extra.



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  • Julia Little says:

    What a great trip it was and Boris’ food, delicious. One thing to add – what a great playlist – the music was bang on, my Shazam was on overdrive! And the Hostess Trolley is definitely back!

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