The Best Of Frieze: Final round up


Our final 2015 Frieze post, with a round up of interesting outfits that weren’t really a trend, more individually fabulous.

First up, remember I mentioned furry texture being a bit of an art trend on Monday? It’s also turning up in fashion too (looking at you,  fur lined Gucci loafers).

I loved this woman’s multi textured outfit above, with that loopy knitted cardigan jacket and furry clogs. The layered T shirt and shirt added a vaguely dishevelled vibe that belied the considered effort involved in getting it all ‘just so’. She really looked good. I’m not sure I want to wear it, but I do love that jacket, and it looked so original.


The best bit of textural art we saw was this amazing work by Donald Moffet, he pipes oil paint onto wood board to create this fur/feather-like texture -although he’s also done one in bright green that looked like grass…Not all oil colours work, some lose their shape once piped, so the colour plays a key part in the final piece.


Sticking with my love of a kimono and with reference to the recent swiping of my aunt’s Chinese jacket, I was pleased to see this fabulous vintage one worn by a young person. It’s not just me then. I’m still wearing mine, although those sleeves make it difficult to wear a winter coat, I may have to get a cape….


There was a lot of pink turning up on canvases, (remember Jane highlighted this for fashion ages ago). Who says fashion doesn’t influence art? I’m sure arty folk would say it was coincidence…


A quick word on fringing and suede.

If the art crew weren’t wearing a cape, they were wearing something in suede (either 70s style coats or high waist trousers) often with a bit of fringing. I can’t be doing with too much fringing (so annoyingly in the way!) although I thought the fringed detail on this jacket above was probably a non-irritating way to wear it. The vintage styling looked pretty fab, although I might have tucked the shirt in so the fringing looked less cluttered . Swinging fringed boots were also everywhere, not sure how I feel about those either…

odd-shoes-friezeI loved this woman’s fabulous yellow printed skirt, nicely teamed with those chunky shoes, and you can never go wrong with a shoulder-robed leather biker jacket.  But what’s with the odd shoes that chap is wearing? Is this a new trend we’ve missed?


Probably my favourite bit of art in the whole show was this fabulous Cornelia Parker piece, forged in bronze from a casting of a London street’s flagstones and bricks. You may remember this being filmed if you watched the excellent BBC series What Do Artists Do All Day?


Finally, do you remember we reported on the fabulous The Collector at the Nelly Nahmad at last year’s Frieze Masters? That influenced many a catwalk show and store interior.

This year the same gallery showed The Asylum, which demonstrated how artist Jean Debuffet was influenced by his visits to asylums in France and Switzerland in 1945, where he observed the art created by patients. The gallery re-imagined the way the asylums may have looked when they inspired Dubuffet and, as last year, the engaging space was packed with visitors, not something you could say about every gallery. The refreshing directness of this primitive Art Brut (as it became known) inspired many artists in the mid 1900s, expect it to show up at a fashion show near you soon.

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