The Perfect Velvet Trouser Suit for the Christmas Season


I’m writing this post because I’ve fallen in love again, it happened last week in Zara, when I clapped eyes on this delicious winter-green velvet trouser suit in a sloppy-silk velvet that felt like I was wearing, well, those pyjamas Jane talked about last week.

The jacket is unstructured, think Bloomsbury Set slouchy, and the trousers are wide and drape-y. Being Zara of course, the biggest size is a 14 and even that’s slender, but oh! it felt so glamourous to be wearing coloured velvet head to toe. Just having your top match your trousers immediately makes you feel better dressed, like you’ve actually planned your outfit.

By the time I got home good sense prevailed and I did some research. There are a couple of very good velvet trouser suits out there from brands that make in proper sizes.

I hardly ever go to parties that require proper posh dressing now, so any Christmas ‘event’ purchasing needs to double up as day wear and here, the velvet suit shines. Firstly you are colour blocking (still a ‘thing’) so are on trend -not that it counts, obvs, but it feels good to be vaguely in touch with this decade. You can also do that ‘gentlewoman’ styling thing with a plain white shirt and trainers, to look effortless during the day and change to fancier shoes (brogues for me) or add jewels for night time. Or stay as you are all the way through because who can be bothered to change? (me again).

boden red
In fact Boden have a blog post on their site where they do just this……see below. The very best Boden colour way, tho,  is the beautiful red velvet one, above and available up to size 22, which looks so vibrant and dynamic for the holiday period,  I’ve seen some very cool people wearing red trouser suits recently and they totally rock, it’s so chic. If you were feeling very festive, you could match it with a fuchsia  or maybe gentian blue shirt (plain), although I think I’d plump for a black shirt with black trainers, or white…


Over at Toast there is a very nice black velvet suit, with a shorter jacket and cigarette pants for anyone who prefers a more classic take on the look. I think I’d add a sparkly necklace to the black version to make it slightly more exciting (I’m thinking J Crew) and maybe a metallic shirt? Just a thought.

It’s these slim cigarette pants in black velvet that I have ended up buying, as I think a velvet trouser adds a bit of festive glamour to any day…They are made from softly robust fabric and are a nice fit. Also selling fast I see, as there are warnings of short stock on some sizes, so don’t dither if you’re interested. Also, I have a wardrobe full of tops that they’ll work with. (Boden also sell velvet slim trousers, too FYI)

For that slouchy pyjama-feel look, consider these Hobbs wide leg Cennen velvet trousers. I loved them at the press day, they are very grown-up-glamour, with lots of swooshy fabric to feel a bit Katherine Hepburn in. I’d wear these with silvery trainers and keep an eye on the proportions of the top, you don’t want too much volume in that or you’ll look like you’ve lost yourself inside your clothes.

Velvet! it’s the answer to a month of festive eventing, mark my words….


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