Cold Weather Pyjamas – currently on offer at M&S


I know the current thinking for us grown up women is that we’re all lounging around glamourously in our Athleisurewear/beautifully ironed crisp poplin PJs/seductively sexy silk jersery pre bedtime, but in my shockingly draughty Victorian pile of a house, the gaps between our windows and doors are probably visible from the space station. I need warm layers, and lots of them to survive cold nights.

Even with menopausal night flushes, I need snuggly sleepwear, socks and blankets over my quilt, so I’m just letting you know about the current special offer on the M&S cashmere/modal range of sleep/lounge/whatever-wear. Bargain bed-wear should not be ignored.

It’s very soft and only has 9% cashmere in it (100% would have you roasting in your sleep) so is snuggly and easy to wash. Do not be put off by the weird button-on cowl neck attachment on the poncho, I’ve taken mine off and intend to use it like a capelet for when I’m cold reading in bed, to be discarded before sleeping. The leggings are excellent PJ bottoms, and there is a onesie (currently missing on line, but def in stores) if that takes your fancy. The set is £49.00, but you can buy them separately at £24.50 each.

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