A present to yourself this Christmas


Every year on Christmas Day M.A.D produces a small perfectly wrapped present and announces “look what Father Christmas bought me”. It is usually technology based, expensive and quite possibly his best present. It’s his present to himself – which quite frankly he deserves, as he hardly ever spends money on anything indulgent (unlike me).

Since Christmas can be tiring, stressful and all about other people, why not adopt M.A.Ds approach and treat your self to something indulgent.

Lisa _Taylor _Scarves_the_womens_room

Our mate Lisa Taylor (remember her ‘wear now’ shirts?) has recently re-launched her website and her beautiful embroidered handmade vintage silk kantha scarves could be the perfect treat if you are a scarf lover. Each one is individually made in India and prices range from £90 to £120.

They might not be an iPad Pro (which I suspect will be this years M.A.D treat) but they are perfect for looking stylish on that Boxing Day walk no-one wants to go on except you.

Go on treat yourself.


  • spinningsheepfeathers says:

    Thank you, Grown Up Ladies, for being there!! I really enjoy your writings, photos and general stuff. You’re my kind of people!

  • so what WAS MAD’s self-gift? To be honest, I have the opposite problem. Too much self-gifting and no clue what to get for other people. (And I hate the idea of just regifting my press goodies, I only like giving people things I think they’d really want!). hope you both had fab xmases! XX

  • Jane says:

    it was very small and inexpensive this year Navaz and a bit disappointing – a beard trimmer! I agree v hard not to re gift press gifts. Had a lovely time thanks and hope to see you soon
    J x

  • I found this post very interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing your special thoughts with us. I definitely share this with my peeps.

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