January Style Crush: Ellen DeGeneres and her Home


While we’re all de cluttering our living spaces and tidying up our sock drawers Kondo-style, the collector in me still can’t help looking at a clear table surface without thinking ‘that space needs something on it’.

However, the January ‘tidy-clutter’ strategy is going well and I have been further inspired by reading Ellen DeGeneres’s exceptionally fine book Home, a recent present. Ellen is all for a bit of curated cutter, which makes me warm to her. In fact, I’ve got something of a fashion-and-home style crush on Ellen.

There’s something wonderfully chipper about Ellen, she’s someone you’d be happy to have as a mate, not only would she make you laugh, but she always looks so happy in her skin. Her style is very casual and simple, never varying much from her tailored tom boy silhouette of beautifully fitted jacket, slim trousers worn with flat brogues or trainers, always topped of with her short blonde crop.

She has a great eye for proportion and is keen on quality fabrics, which clearly isn’t confined to clothes. She has great taste and I love, too, how she always looks like her, completely relaxed yet always stylish.


Her Home book is a terrific read because it’s actually written by her. I know that sounds bonkers but how many coffee table ‘home style’ books have you read by famous designers that have the blandest words imaginable? I have a cupboard full of them (to be de cluttered VERY soon).

Ellen’s a self-confessed interiors nerd, has owned seven homes that she’s ‘done up’, all of which are featured, along with excellent notes on each house, what the design strategy was and what she learnt from each project. She is a very engaging writer, funny, informed and clearly knows her stuff. Her text is peppered with funny design stories (like when she found Diane Keaton measuring up her oven at a party) and reasons why she moved, including downsizing because ‘Unlike the garden of Eden, those trees don’t tend themselves, a compound requires a whole lot of gardening and a big house requires a whole lot of dusting”.

She’s had help along the way from a bunch of Los Angeles based designers such as Jane Hallworth and Cameron Smith, who she includes, getting them to write their own lists of useful tips. If you are looking for inspiration and amusement from someone who knows what she’s talking about, then this is for you. Would make an excellent and stylish ‘moving home’ present too.

the ED range, US only

The ED range

Ellen has ED, her own range (US only) of her signature style clothes, which look good, but for everyone else, here’s a few ideas to think on.
And here’s the book link

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  • I love Ellen, she really is one of life’s radiators – her book looks great, right up my Hollywood Boulevard.

  • Amanda says:

    Tis v good Sarah, I am really inspired by it and I’ve seen a LOT of very average home ideas books while writing this blog! A

  • spinningsheepfeathers says:

    She is such a fun person and I can imagine that her home(s) all show some great accessories.
    I still like “curated chaos” even if it’s not so exciting today!!

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