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A combination of lack of sleep due to hot flushes and Christmas excess was beginning to take its toll on my dry winter skin, when I was offered the chance to try out Face Camp at Selfridges. A revolutionary “New Year New You” approach to skin treatments, the programme includes tailored face workouts and a special juice and smoothie diet to aid the process – so seemed just what I needed.

I was intrigued, if a tiny bit scared to try it out and was initially worried that it would involve all sorts of scary lasers and invasive treatments – but first thing my lovely therapist Ana did was reassure me that it was the absolute opposite of botox and is completely non invasive.

The first phase of the process involves identifying your face type, choosing from “Phone Face”, “Winter Face”, “Sugar Face”, “Fat Face” or “Frow Face”. Not the most flattering descriptions – especially when you are told you should try out the “Fat Face”!

Face Camp

The treatment starts with a relaxing cleansing process, followed by state of the art Radio Frequency treatment which helps to reduce the fat on the face. This involves a hot rollerball which lifts and tightens to de-stress, detox and lift saggy muscles on the face. Not an unpleasant feeling but not exactly relaxing, my therapist assured me I would be able to see the results immediately. This was followed by the ‘cooling down’ process which is much nicer and involves cold roller balls and an invigorating face massage.

You are advised to avoid dairy products and drink the special shakes and juices provided in order to enhance to process, which takes place over the course of four weeks. I am about to embark on treatment number four and despite having some kind of virus for the last couple of days have had several comments about how good my skin looks.

Face Gym was founded by Inge Theron who says it’s “grounded in the principle that we don’t think twice about toning our muscles at the gym so why think differently about the face?

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and post before and after pics at the end of the treatment.

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  • David Turner says:

    So I can pump up my facial muscles? I won’t look like Mickey Rourke after the plastic surgery?

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