Beauty buys for January, including Omorovicza, Liz Earle and Ren


It’s January therefore we shall talk about beauty products…or so goes the traditional women’s magazine schedule.

I guess this makes sense if we are trying to detox and cleanse everywhere else, why not overhaul our beauty routines? So here’s a few products I’ve been impressed with recently.

I was given a lovely box of Omorovicza products, (pronounced om-more-o-vitsa) a Hungarian brand which makes much of its rich natural mineral content and thermal waters, found at source. I whisked the travel sized box off to Copenhagen with me to trial it and have been quietly addicted to a few of the items ever since.


Ormorovicza has been making skin care products for around 10 years and gets great reviews from people who know about this sort of thing (India Knight praised the Miracle Oil and the products are award winning). Its point of difference seems to be the healing properties of the mud and waters of Budapest. Ok yes, I know we’re grown ups and can see through the ‘magical’ nonsense peddled by brands, but sensible and intelligent women have told me how their skin irritations and eczema have been significantly improved while using Ormorovicza products.

My dry old skin soaked up the Balancing Moisturiser, but it’s the Thermal Cleansing Balm that’s been a revelation. I don’t use it every day but when I’ve really got a grubby, make up clogged face or I’ve been out and about it smoggy London, it really cleans me up. It has a gorgeously smooth waxy texture that I leave on for a few moments before I wash it off with a facecloth.

Perhaps the most surprising product I’ve got hooked on though is the Queen Of Hungary Mist. This is not something I’d’ve ever bought, but I have it sat next to my computer constantly now and can feel it’s dewy, scented goodness keeping the drying affects of both the outside cold and the inside heated air at bay. Hardly an essential but if you feel like treating yourself, add this on to the order.


I’ve also been trialling the Ren Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial, gifted from M&S recently and blimey, it’s good. I have no idea how it does it, but you apply it at night, after your serum/oil and before your moisturiser and then go to sleep. When you wake up you look positively dewy and plump. It smells very odd (it’s on special offer at the moment, perhaps the smell puts people off a bit?) and you are only supposed to use it 2/3 times a week, but it is quite addictive….

It’s also not just what to buy, but how to buy that’s becoming a factor for me too. I appreciate you all might roll your eyes heavenwards when I mention how good Liz Earle products are, you all know she’s got a great range, but what I have only recently become aware of is how stonkingly good its website service is. I stocked up on my stalwart Superskin Moisturiser and the Cleanse and Polish via the website and had lovely full sized free products added into my efficiently delivered order. It’s things like this that really sway where I’m buying from now.

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