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I need another scarf like I need another cookery book. I have enough of both to last me out. And some. I suffer from scarfitus, a highly contagious condition where you find it almost impossible to resist buying another beautiful scarf. I’m seeking help but sadly, it is incurable.

So if, like me, you were inspired by the brightly colourful clothes in last week’s Jaipur Street Style shots, many of which featured an artfully draped scarf, you might like to know about Begg & Co.



Now based in Ayr, the company originated in Paisley in Scotland in 1866, and has been weaving glorious quality cashmere and lambswool scarves ever since. Today, the company’s scarves wrap the globe in a super-soft trail that stretches from Neiman Marcus and Barneys in the US, to Dover Street Market and Selfridges in London, to small but uber-cool Beams, in Japan, all of whom love the quality and contemporary style.

The company gave itself a modern make over in 2013, and now the extensive range features almost irresistible colours and weaves (I’m warning you, a trip to the website is a dangerous thing if you are a fellow scarfitus sufferer). There are polka dots and neon checks now, as well as on point fashion colours and lighter than air tartan weaves.


I am drawn to the Wispy, a fairy-light cashmere stole that has 5 miles of thread woven in such special a way that the technique has been patented by Begg & Co.


These are called ‘summer’ scarves, but I like a lightweight plain scarf wrapped round my neck when I’m sat still to keep me warm, or tucked into my jacket when I’m out, and yes I have been known to ‘double scarf’, throwing a bigger stole over this whole arrangement. Double scarfing is a ‘thing’ that should be encouraged and made into a trend, IMHO.


Anyway, take a look at an edited range of the styles here, if anyone is looking for inspiration for Middleagedad for Valentine’s, then these are extremely smart and snuggle-worthy. I’ll leave you to your own devices id you’re self-gifting….





  • Monix says:

    You’ve gone and done it again Amanda! I restrict myself to only looking at their website when they have a sale on and now I’ve just had a peek…
    Really, really beautiful quality but that loveliness does come at a price -sigh.

  • Sarah says:

    Oooh, I not only have scarfitus, I recently suffered a severe bout of scarfenvy – a metallic burnt orange number worn with a black dress and a grey/white bob, it was stunning. Thankfully both conditions usually cure themselves by mid June, not long now!

  • Amanda says:

    Ah Mon, I wrote this post with you in mind….sorry, and Scarfenvy! That sounds a painful one Sarah, but I’m wondering if I might have that too……Ax

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