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The People Vs OJ Simpson (with a very scary looking John Travolta)

So now that none of us are watching live tv – apart from Happy Valley of course, oh and the OJ Simpson thing which is so bad its good and  The Night Manager is shaping up to be quite promising – it feels wrong not to have some kind of box set/binge watching senario on the go at all times and I find the best programmes are always those recommended by other people. So here are a few that have come to our attention recently.

It’s still officially winter and the weather doesn’t look like its going to get warm any time soon. There is something intriguing about anything set in a Nordic country – especially if there’s a murder mystery element to it – think The Killing, Fortitude and The Bridge.

The latest BBC4 10 part Nordic drama, Trapped is set in Iceland and has all the elements needed to get us hooked –  murder, gloomy characters,  extreme weather and remote landscapes – just the thing to see us through to Spring.

You can watch it on iPlayer now.


Trapped on BBC 4

Sometimes the things you discover online aren’t in fact new – which was the case with Olive Kitteridge, which I watched this weekend. It came out in 2014 and stars Frances McDormand as a cranky school teacher who lives in Maine. Married to Henry for 25 years it follows their marriage’s ups and downs. Adapted from Elizabeth Strout’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, it is poignant, witty and wise and brilliantly acted.

There are two episodes, both 115 minutes long – and its well worth devoting a weekend to. Unfortunately you will need to have Sky Atlantic or Now TV to watch it – which I can highly recommend – it’s like Netflix, but with all the best Sky and HBO programmes.

Olive Kitteridge HBO Enterprises .... SEASON 1 - SERIES 1 ....Olive Kitteridge HBO Enterprises

Frances McDormand as Olive Kitteridge

Also on Now TV check out another oldie (from 2014) but goodie starring Kim Cattrall in her first big tv role since  Sex and the City. Sensitive Skin is another story of long term marriage. A canadian remake of a Hugo Blick dramedy starring Joanna Lumley, which first aired 10 years ago, Kim Cattrall plays Davina, a successful fifty something, married to writer Al – she has a grownup son, vintage Jag and fear of losing her youth.

HANDOUT PHOTO; ONE TIME USE ONLY; NO ARCHIVES; NOTFORRESALE Kim Cattrall and Don McKellar star in “Sensitive Skin,” a new HBO Canada dramedy premiering July 20. THE CANADIAN PRESS/ho-Bell Media

Sensitive Skin





  • Nicola says:

    Don’t forget the French political drama ‘Spin’ on More 4 on Fridays. Political shenanigans, Parisian apartments and some stylish older women. You can catch up from the beginning online on All 4.

  • Becky says:

    Trapped is brilliant – It is summer down here in NZ and it has been far too hot, so it has been lovely to see all the snow and gales blowing on my TV. I have been watching it on the iplayer, it’s free and so much better than itunes !!!!!

  • Jacqueline says:

    I bought Olive Ketteridge on DVD from certain online retailer recently. Won’t bother with OJ – we were in Boston while the actual trial was going on & everyone was riveted, including us, & it was the only topic of conversation. Incredible outcome when you have watched the trial in progress.

    Trapped is great & we thought Shetland deserves a mention. I was really impressed that the producers did not go into showing the harrowing ordeal the Tosh went through but let her tell the story. Much more powerful than showing harrowing scenes!

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