An Excellent Kitchen Chair Cushion from Gudrun Sjödén


I’m not sure if it’s just me, but as I’ve got older, I have become less tolerant of an uncomfortable seat. As a teen I would only sit on the floor, or on the table, or anywhere I wasn’t supposed to, being both bendy and perversely immune to the joys of a cushion. Now I look at beautiful wooden seats with their lovely, polished patina and church-pew heritage and think ‘that needs a cushion’.


I have exactly those seats in our kitchen, bought decades ago when image was much more important than comfort and oak seats rescued from some closing-down place of prayer were all the rage….They have served us well, but I’ve been increasingly aware that middleagedad and I (and our various grown up guests) get a little fidgety on the uncompromising woody hardness. Something similar is happening with my artfully distressed, painted metal garden chairs, cute to look at but a bit challenging to sit on.


Time then to tackle finding a stylish cushion, which is easier said than done without spending a fortune. I was lucky. On a quick trip to Gudrun Sjödén to check up on the new spring range and spend a voucher the brand had kindly given me, I discovered these robust geometric print Rosengång cushions that fitted the bill perfectly. And they are a reasonable £18.00 and are also available in a bright version.

They are made from organic cotton and can be washed and have an excellent firmness about them that is less squishy and more supportive, which is exactly what I need. I feel they wont go all limpy on me. I might sew a couple of black tapes on the back to secure them to the seats, but so far, they’ve stayed put when we’ve sat on them. They are so successful that I’m considering getting some to sit on the chair back too.

It’s easy to forget Gudrun does home furnishings, and yet her towels, fabrics and crockery are so cheerful with their skandi-patterns and muted brights they really are a delight. More here


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