I Love Stationery by Charlotte Rivers


You know how we feel about stationery.

When this little tome arrived last week I downed tools immediately and read it cover to cover. Well, it’s mostly pictures so it was less taxing than it sounds. 

The NICE thing about this book by Charlotte Rivers is that she has taken a global look at her favourite graphic designers, illustrators and stationery suppliers and done an assessment on why she likes their style. This means we’re not just looking at UK creatives, but also at the influence of US, Australia and Asia, which makes it a useful tool if you are either obsessed with finding the next new thing in paper, preferably one from far away (so no one else will have it) or you are a small scale designer yourself and want to find new contacts.

The many images are inspiring for home ideas and make you want to buy everything. Each chapter takes a decorative technique, such as calligraphy, paper cuts, etchings and explains how to do it at home before listing some of the best people doing it in the market today.The feel is contemporary with a fresh, clean vibe- sort of Orla Keily meets Rob Ryan. One for any paper/illustrator/crafty geeks.

Buy it here, the book is published by Jacqui Small on Feb 1st 2012.

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