Fashion Regrets – Buys That Got Away

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Do you have clothes that you almost bought? Perhaps a dress you fell in love with, but hesitated buying, only to find it sold out before you changed your mind? Or a pair of shoes that were beautiful but expensive so you held back, only to dream about them for years to come. I have one such buy that got away.

Back in 2010, I was at Frieze Art fair snapping photos for TWR when someone wandered by in a parka style khaki jacket that was simple divine. It was by Dries Van Noten and had beautiful bugle bead and sequin embroidery on the sleeves and looked like the piece of clothing I’d been waiting for all my life (yes really, we fashion folk get Totes Emosh over this sort of thing). I hurried back home to research where to buy it, only to discover it was a million pounds, so I tried to forget about it.

But I never quite did.

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So my heart skipped a beat recently when I found that Boden had produced a decorative bugle bead jacket in khaki that is not the same, obvs, but is clearly ‘inspired’ by the original. And it’s rather nice too. It’s called The Granville and it’s from the Icons Collection and I’m kinda tempted. What do you think?

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It’s not cheap at £250, all that hand embellishment I guess, but it has a casual smartness that would fit right into my wardrobe. Lots of you clearly think so as the first drop has sold out as I write this, so if you’re interested you’d better sign up for the next delivery.

I also really like the Wilsford silk shirt it’s worn with, below, which is in stock and is a more reasonable £129. I’m off on holiday next week and I’m thinking it would travel well…and I notice Boden do a Next Day delivery service…..Hmmm.

boden icons thewomensroomblog

Lots of you liked the upscaled Icon collection last season, with its better fabrics and slightly edgier design, it did well for the brand too, giving them a slightly more lux feel. This season I also like the shape and length of the Diana Dress in blue silk at £179, and the Tallulah silk dress would be another holiday contender, but it’s quite pricey at £250. More from Boden Icons here.


  • Sue says:

    Ooh, was just about to say what a nice shirt underneath the jacket. Love it, you should send for it now, definitely. Bit unsure about Boden jacket, though. Could you not try and track down the totally gorgeous original? (Your Frieze photos always show the best real life clothes).

  • Amanda says:

    Sue, yes the shirt looks a good buy doesn’t it? I have been searching eBay for the coat, but so far no luck,and Dries does hold its value amongst eBayers so it probs wont come that cheap either…. but I will keep looking! A

  • Nicola says:

    The jacket looks good, but I’d need to see it, feel the fabric, and try it on to really decide. If you’re not sure then send for it and try it on. You can always send it back if it’s less than perfect. The shirt is lovely. I like the look of the trousers too.

  • Monix says:

    Don’t do it Amanda!
    The DVN one looks so good because of the parka length and those amazing sleeves, the Boden one looks like a cheap matador jacket, nobody wants falling off bugle beads – there, I’ve said it!

    Monix (but the blouse is totally you and deserves to go on holiday)

  • Amanda says:

    I think it’s all about the shirt now, isn’t it…Axx

  • Caroline says:

    I have the Granville jacket and I love it :) The detailing is embroidery knots with gold sequins stitched in and it looks quite sturdy! I’m planning to wear it weekly.

  • Faraon23 says:


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