Almost Holiday Shopping


I am holiday for the next few days, somewhere warm and (hopefully) sunny where I will be taking a digital detox and switching off (apart from Instagram, obvs, which is now an extension of my brain). Jane will continue to entertain you though, so don’t go away.

My absolute favourite bit about going on holiday is the anticipation, the weeks and days leading up to going away, where the whole holiday spreads out in front of you and hope for a fabulous time is high. As soon as you are there, you’re on a count down to going home. I almost love it more BEFORE I go, weird, but there we go.

Of course pre-holiday planning includes enjoyable shopping for holiday clothes. However, something odd happened this year. I have bought nothing new. I’ve seen lots of lovely, lovely things, but in the end, I bought nothing at all. I looked at my holiday wardrobe and thought, ‘it’ll do’. I blame Peak Stuff.

I did do a lot of ambling through websites, finding gorgeous stuff I nearly bought, so in order not to waste my research, here’s what tempted me. See you in a week!

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