Vogues first 100 year old model: Bo Gilbert

Harvey Nichols have launched a campaign to celebrate British Vogue’s 100th birthday.

Starring Bo Gilbert, the first 100 year-old model to appear in the magazine, this film goes behind-the-scenes at Bo’s photoshoot with renowned fashion photographer Phil Poynter, which will appear in Vogue’s commemorative June 2016 issue.

The films tells us the average age of a fashion model is 16-25 – lets hope this is the beginning of that changing.


  • Jan says:

    It would be lovely to think it was the start of something big but somehow it just feels like a token gesture done purely for publicity.

  • sarah says:

    I’m afraid I agree. She looks lovely but I am thinking of cancelling my sub to Vogue because it is full of teenagers and seems increasingly irrelevant to my 60 year old life. I want to see people like me more often.

  • DKUK says:

    It’s remarkable that here we are in the 21st century with all the “women’s lib” and “social revolutions” decades old and yet the fashion industry, supposedly a forward thinking and boundary-pushing Industry, remains resolutely stuck in the past where “models” are concerned. Kate Moss repeatedly defaulted to, pubescent girls thin, droopey and much of a muchness constantly used and swathes of women ignored. I have read Vogue magazine for over 40 years and the latest issue left me cold; I’ve given up on it! No elegance, no style, no imagination that would inspired. However I did forward the video clip of Bo Gilbert to numerous friends!

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