The Women Behind The Secret Linen Store and a Fabulous Give-Away


lustworthy pineapple bedlinen from the Secret Linen Store

After the success of our recent Protected Species rain mac competition, we are pleased to bring you another fabulous chance to win something lovely.

We’ve written about The Secret Linen Store previously and many of you have their beautiful and well priced bedlinen. Co founder Molly was fascinated by the knowledgeable and  ingenious  design improvement comments our readers came up with on that last competition post and wondered if we could run  something similar for The Secret Linen Store. As a prize, the best idea will win a duvet and two pillowcases of their own choice from The Secret Linen Store’s extensive range. Here’s Molly…

“Harriet and I have been making beds for 15 years. Harriet in Marketing and me, Molly, in product design, we always knew we wanted to do something super together.

We wanted the flexibility to be able to spend time with our children as well as pursuing an exciting career, and saw a gap in the market for an affordable, beautiful bedlinen brand. The Secret Linen Store was born. 3 years on and we have made over 10,000 beds, and we are having lots of fun (ups and downs too) along the way.

Bedlinen is such a wonderful product to be working with. Not only can we add colour, pattern, different qualities and textures to our beds, but we can all relate to this product. We all have a bed, we all have a favourite bedlinen, a memory of one from our childhood. Some of us like white and crisp, some like relaxed linen, others like bright and bold. We love making beds, helping people to sleep well and enjoy bedtime.


Harriet and Molly, wear testing the product

All of our bedlinen is designed and sourced by us, we use the best yarns, and the best factories in Europe. The factories that we work with are very carefully selected, but also treated like part of the business. We would be nothing without our wonderful factories and I believe that relationships and care make for a fantastic product and a service that makes our customers smile.

I have always been surprised by the way that factories are pushed and treated by big retailers, we will always see them as the most important part of our business, I am still amazed each and every time I visit at what can be achieved with some cotton and a little creativity.


We don’t have fancy stores and big overheads which means we can sell our bedding onto our customers at a lower price than you would expect to see on the high street. We want to take the myth out of buying bedding, and remove all of the hype and jargon around thread count to make it easier to decide what is right for you. (regular readers may remember this post on threadcount)

Over the last few years, we’ve been able to grow our business into a team of 5 lovely ladies. Harriet and I are very busy mums, so we all know how important bed time is, to us and our customers who live busy lives too. We encourage our customers to talk to us, send us pictures of their made up beds. Our brand is for everyone that has a bed.
As we grow, we love to get feedback from our customers. We’d love to know what you love about bedtime, and what is a must-have for you when you’re shopping for your bedlinen. Is it colour and pattern, is it white and calm? Is there anything that’s missing from bedlinen ranges for you? Leave us your thoughts below and we’ll pick one of the entries out of a hat to win their own set of SLS bedlinen”

So womenfolk, leave your comments below -funny, serious or downright mad, we don’t mind – on what improvements you’d like to see in bedlinen. We will let you have a week to think and write, then next Monday we will get Molly and Harriet to pick their favourites, pop em in an old school hat and pick out the winner. Nice start to the week eh?

The Secret Linen Store


  • Becky says:

    What I would love more than anything is some crazy and wild bright striped bed linen. I’d like the duvet colour to be a rainbow of fabulous colours and the pillow cases to be spots on one side and stripes on the other. I don’t do white bed linen and I find it quite hard to find sets that are bright enough for me ! No pale or wishy washy colours thought, only vibrant brights allowed !

  • ruthie says:

    I would LOVE a design that would make it easier to put duvet covers on- my pet hate.
    My favourite set ever had a small poppered gap in each side seam at the top – just big enough to pull the duvet up inside the cover.
    Life changing….

  • Rebecca says:

    I have a dream… Magnetic poppers! Would make fastening the duvet a total dream and fun. I have a lovely baby pyjama from a company called Magnet Mouse which uses magnets.

  • Mary says:

    I do love white bedlinen – but I also love my cup of tea … any chance of inventing a cotton that repels tea-stains?

  • Annie Plummer says:

    I am often frustrated in the folding of fitted bottom sheets, getting the sheet to fold nicely for storage. A corner designed to neatly would be so wonderful.

  • Rosy says:

    I’d like a few different sets. One set that induces sleep in minutes and lasts through the night (for my toddler) and another that repells said toddler so that she doesn’t prefer my bed…

  • Rosy says:

    I’d like a few different sets. One set that induces sleep in minutes and lasts through the night (for my toddler) and another that repells said toddler so that she doesn’t prefer my bed…

  • I’d like my duvet to have some kind of built in mitten in both top corners, so that when you have to reach out to whack the alarm off in the morning, your arm doesn’t get cold. As for colour and style, classic white cotton or pastel stripes every time…

  • Jude says:

    I’m a strictly white or off-white sheets girl myself, but what I can’t find anywhere (I’d pay good money for if you’d make them!) is a divan cover that is NOT made in sheeting, does NOT have pleats or gathers or anything frou-frou. In my mind the ‘skirt’ part (remember, no pleats at corners!) would be a damask, or cord or some sort of heavy-ish furnishing textured fabric, and the top part, the square bit that covers the divan, could be plain sheeting to keep costs down. It’s be a great add-on sale :)

  • Pippa Golding says:

    I’d love some fun striped bottom sheets that give you a fun surprise when you peel back your crisp white duvet. Marine blue or caramel that evoke that seaside vibe. Nice deep (for my 34 cm mattress) fitted ones that make it easy to put them on.

  • Sarah says:

    I like Pippa’s idea but I’d extend it. I think that a bit like a fun lining in a jacket, little surprises and finishing touches on duvets, sheets an pillowcases are the sorts of things that bring a gentle glow to life. A different colour on the part you tuck your pillow into inside the case, nice fastners on your duvet, pretty braid trimming a seam – the little touches that add class and fun to anything. I still have some pillowcases of my grandma’s with tiny embroidered details and lace edges (she made the lace!) that are worn thin but I still treasure them.

  • Joan P says:

    I think breathable comfort is the most important thing for me – soft but also sturdy, something that’s not going to fall apart after a few washes – practical but also beautiful.

  • Amanda says:

    Brilliant ideas womenfolk, due to Brexit dominating everyone’s thoughts, we’re extending the deadline until Wednesday am for this comp, Molly will be picking around Wednesday lunchtime and we’ll email the winners on Wednesday afternoon…..still time to enter if you haven’t yet…..A

  • As a working mum I would like bed linen that makes the bed every morning, takes itself off and washes itself when needed, irons itself and quietly and calmly puts itself back on the bed when ironed.Too much to ask?!

  • Tania Atfield says:

    I adore all The Secret Linen Stores bedlinen, all designs etc, my own is the pale blue striped one which reminds me of all things beach and sea; my only gripe would be could you produce a duvet set that doesn’t need ironing but is still of same high excellent quality as before. It takes me ages to iron mine and it’s never perfect and I don’t want to be put off buying from yourselves again.

  • Terri Sansom says:

    My hubby and I being the children that we still are love superhero! We are searching desperately for kingsize superhero bedding either the real thing (marvel etc) or styled on. Please don’t make us shop from abroad at £100+ and make our little girl Emily go without food! (Promise we wouldn’t really!) Thanks girls for your hard work X x

  • Lorna Perry says:

    I would really really like to see more of (or rather) less starch in new linen I hate buying new bedding that’s so full of starch that I always have to wash it all out before use. Otherwise I’m up all night itching, apart from that there is some love sheets & bedding about plenty of colour & beautiful designs suited for most peoples taste

  • Katy C Johnston says:

    I’d so love to see more pastel florals and birds. I adore nature and also think a vibrant tropical print would be beautiful

  • claire blaney says:

    I want to there to be a great qualtity cheaper range that is just as good as the really expensive ranges also i love luminous & c glow in the dark ranges on bedding to brighten up those dark days

  • Michelle Muir says:

    I’d love temperature controlled sheets us women at a certain step in life know what I mean , I can dream anyway x

  • Pam Smith says:

    Fitted sheets that actually fit without fighting with them would be brilliant!

  • Sandra Lane says:

    I would like to see some vibrant Mexican inspired prints with reds, oranges and blues.

  • Lesley says:

    Soft or light to medium blue with ivory or cream instead of white

  • John says:

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  • Rebecca Leamon says:

    I would love a “fitted sheet” that stays snugly fitted! Simple, but earnest!

  • Jan says:

    Delighted to see a good range of flat sheets on the website. Also loved the soft and subtle colours and patterns. I seem to be in a minority in not wanting anything too bright or too jazzy at sleep time. Short of offering to come and change my bed linen for me not sure what could be improved.Maybe bed linen that
    self-revived so each time you got into bed it felt freshly laundered.

  • vinay says:

    I like this Bed Linens . How much price of it in India.

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