The Life of Pitti Peacocks, For Those of You Who Are All ‘Fashed-Out’

The Life Of Pitti Peacocks – Pitti Uomo Mockumentary from Aaron Christian on Vimeo.

I loved this charming tongue in cheek look at the Pitti menswear show, by Aaron Christian and pointed out to us by our roving reporter Julia Little. It’s done Attenborough-Style and meant kindly, but for anyone who’s been hanging around one too many fashion shows recently, either IRL or on line, this might make you laugh.



  • sue evans says:

    Definitely ‘fashedout’ after watching that — a brilliant endorsement, if one is needed, of everything that’s wrong with fashion today. All those self-important people ! And I wonder what all those street photographers did before there was such a thing ?

  • Pam in SF says:

    This is hilarious! Thanks for a fun start to the day.

  • Mrs P says:

    Yes, hilarious. I mean I kind of like that they’re not all walking around in grey suits, but it is all kind of questionable isn’t it. Dressing to get your photograph taken, street photographers etc. Maybe I’m just getting old!

  • sue evans says:

    No Mrs P, it’s not about getting old — it’s about you seeing through the shallowness of it all ! One reason I hate going to fashion events these days, it all so superficial and self promoting. Who are all these people ?!! I always imagine them standing in their mum’s back bedroom trying on their outfits ……….

  • Mrs P says:

    Thanks Sue E. You’re spot on. And I am laughing because yes, I bet they ARE standing in their Mum’s back bedroom trying out their “look”!

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