Brassica Restaurant and Mercantile

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Sometimes London can be very overwhelming and while most of us who live here, love the hectic, intense  pace of life, there can be times when one longs to give it all up and move to the country. I regularly fantasise about a simple pace of life, with a big rambling house and huge garden – surely life would be easier – I could keep chickens, bake bread and finally get round to reading the ever increasing pile of books by my bed!

Louise Chidgey and Cass Titcombe and their small son, left london for Beaminster in West Dorset four years ago. Louise is an interior expert (we used to work together) and Cass a chef, so it made perfect sense that they create a super stylish restaurant with delicious food, alongside a shop that focuses on the ‘art of entertaining’ and convivial gatherings.

While they may not – make that definitely not – have time to read books – they have created the kind lifestyle based business we all crave.

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Brassica Restaurant offers delicious food and wine, focussing on produce-led using seasonal food grown, raised, caught or collected in Dorset and the South West. The modern European dishes change daily and the menu has been designed to encourage an informal way of eating.

Picture By Jim Wileman - Brassica, Beaminster, Dorset.


The  Mercantile next door sells a carefully curated section of lifestyle items selected from around the globe and which reflect the aesthetic used in the interior of the restaurant.

The mix of homeware, food and fine wine is also available online, so you don’t actually need to go all the way to Dorset to shop, but if the restaurant reviews are anything to go by, it sounds like it would definitely be worth the trip.

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Brassica Restaurant & Mercantile is at 3-4 The Square, Beaminster, Dorset DT8 3AS

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