A Certain Age by Beatriz Williams


I got sent this book ages ago, but couldn’t get passed the first page for some reason. Then on holiday, I noticed it on the shelves of a Greensboro book store tagged as a New York Times best-seller. Predictably, I hadn’t taken it with me on my trip, but when I got back I jumped in with renewed interest.

I’m so glad I did, it’s a totally delightful and clever read. Set in the 20s, it’s part murder-mystery, part Tatler social diary, part sharply observed love story, narrated (mostly) by our glamorous, older-woman guide. It’s like a very elegant and stylish Agatha Christie novel, but set in Connecticut and with better dressed characters (there are lovely descriptions of clothes). It’s also witty and elegant, and kept me going nicely through my jet-lag fug.

I loved it so much I immediately bought up the rest of Beatriz Williams back catalogue. Love it when that happens.

Beatriz Williams, A Certain Age

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