A Bird In The Hand by Diana Henry

a bird in hand

While helping M.A.D with his vinyl pop up, I checked out the local charity stores – East Sheen has a staggering number for a small place -and discovered this fabulous cookery book in one of them. The joy of the cookery-book explosion of late means there are lots of excellent finds in charity shops, there’s a lot of spirilizer books currently.

I cook chicken a lot and I’m always on the look out for a good new recipe. Diana Henry’s book offers up a great selection of weekly supper-to-posh-dinner-party ideas that I found very useful, her modern take on the classic coronation chicken is worth it for the cover price, although admittedly I only paid 50p. There’s a good bourbon and marmalade-glazed drumsticks which might help me shift some of my marmalade stash, and a great chicken fatteh. Look out for a copy in your local thrift store, or alternatively buy from link below.

A Bird In The Hand by Diana Henry

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