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Back in the day!

Since I was old enough to backcomb, I have always been one for trying out new hair styles. Siousixie Soux punk inspired finger in the socket do’s, Bananrama crimping, 50s rockabilly quiffs, pixie crops, blunt bobs, idiot boy king fringes and Heidi style plaits, I’ve had them all and worn them with pride.

Like my clothes I don’t follow rules with my hair and am not afraid of something new – in fact I positively embrace more extreme styles and my younger self was always frustrated that I was unable to dye my bright red hair ridiculous colours.

I have however never had either very long hair, or what I call the layered rock chick look. Anthea Turner/Jo Wood, as I have a fear of the layered, blonde streaked glamour mum look so loved by the wealthy women of West London.

Long hair has always been something of an enigma for me, as I can never bear the growing out phase and always cave in and resort to an actual style before it grows quite long enough. But for the last year I have been seriously ‘growing my hair’ in an attempt to be the kind of women who effortlessly flicks her long glossy locks casually around, while wearing a Breton top, chic wide leg chinos, loafers and a Grace Kelly type cardi. Except I am not that woman, I am a fashion butterfly who changes her look every day, I hate blow drying and tie my hair back 95% of the time, with the other 5% involving attempts at complicated twisty/braided type up dos which only really look good on a 22 year old.


Hair goals from Julianne Moore and Sarah Harris

Perhaps thats why most middle-aged women tend to find a hairstyle and stick to it – they are grown up enough to know they will never be the woman in the Pantene advert and that chic and easy to care for, is preferable to high maintenance and wannabe fashionable.

Sadly I am not that mature and will continue to grow my hair into a witchy cross between Stevie Nicks and My Little Pony – until I cave in and cut it into a sensible bob.




  • Osnat says:

    I like you with long hair , Jane but then I like the short Mia Farrow pixy look you posted here from your past.
    As I grow older I want like most women a cut that is easy ,practical and flattering. I’m stuck at the moment with a curly half bob look which is kind of a compromise but I won’t go long( I don’t have enough hair) and I’m afraid to go short so I’m stuck somewhere in the middle I think for many years to come.

  • Becky says:

    I can totally relate to this ! I am trying to grow my hair but every now and then have a total fit and tell myself that I am going to cut it all off !!! Having lived in a hot country for a long time, short hair was a necessity for me – I have super thick curly hair and the thought of having it on my neck give me shivers even now – so move to a cooler clime – grow my hair. It’s a nightmare, the constant shedding was something I had totally forgotten about and because I never use a hairdryer, it take FOR EVER to dry. Still I will continue with my task – I will have those fabulous plaits and look fresh and funky – one day !!!!

  • Sameer says:

    Fabulous pictures as always, Keep it up good work..thank you.

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