Have we reached Peak Hygge?


So it seems Hygge is the word of the winter, as numerous books, homeware ranges and lifestyle brands tap into the idea of getting cosy with friends at home. The London Evening Standard even suggested a few weeks ago that we had reached ‘peak Hygge’ when the clocks hadn’t even gone back.

This idea of idea of taking something which is essentially a way of life and turning into a marketing concept is something I struggle with – as in my day job I am all about tapping into lifestyle trends and re-appropriating them for retailers and brands – but in my real life I am all about authentic living and being true to oneself.


For me Hygge is a way of life, getting friends together to eat, lighting fires and candles and creating cosy spaces in my home is something I do every winter – without giving much though to whether it’s a ‘thing’ or not!

When I wrote about Living Softly back in 2015 I had no idea it had a name until a Danish reader pointed it out – now Hygge is everywhere and tonights late night Womens Hour will be discussing whether Hygge is an emotional need or a genius marketing trend.


A new book which comes from a very genuine place. How to Hygge: The Secrets of Nordic Living by Signe Johansen is an uplifting and heart-warming look at how Nordic countries embrace the outdoors, the joy of fika (coming together over coffee and cakes) and general all round cosiness.

Full of inspiring images and delicious recipes it would make a lovely Christmas present – but personally I’m not sure if need a book to tell me how to get cosy!


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