Five reasons why you should watch The Gilmore Girls


The Gilmore Girls first aired in 2000, set in a fictional Connecticut town populated by an eclectic mix of dreamers, artists and everyday folk, the drama about family and friendship centres around Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory.

If you haven’t already watched it (why did I miss it the first time round?) you really must – and here are five reason why.


Mothers & Daughters.
We have all been one, or the other, or both, and understand how tricky it can be to navigate this intense relationship – but watching the friendship between Lorelai and Rory is heartwarming and special and makes one want to be a better mother and a better daughter. Plus Emily (Lorelai’s mum) and Mrs Kim (Lane’s mum) remind you that only a mother can get away with making such cutting remarks!!


Star Hollow
The most perfect place to live – where nothing really bad ever happens – full of twinkly lights, bunting, flower adorned gazebos and friendly faces (Miss Patty is my favourite). Obviously not a real place, but supposedly based on Washington Depot CT, which I have visited several times – so I have technically been to Stars Hollow!

My dream job would be to decorate the Stars Hollow set.

The Dialogue
Fast paced, funny and current, the dialogue illustrates how we women instantly understand and support each other. Opinionated, independent and funny, the show celebrates strong females with a mind of their own, who like men, but are not defined by them.


Junk food & Coffee
Apart from Sookie none of the women cook – Lorelai  and Rory survive on a diet of PopTarts, burgers, take out Chinese & Pizza and coffee – gallons of coffee. They dont feel guilty about not cooking, or eating rubbish and after watching a few seasons you will seriously crave junk food.

There are seven seasons – yes seven
So if you start watching now, you can spend every single day of the Christmas holidays pretending you’re called Lorelai and live in Stars Hollow – sod the christmas dinner, you have coffee to drink and pizza to eat – this is binge watching on a whole new level!

And when you have finished there are the recent four 90 minute episodes to watch.


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