Big pants: shapewear by Matalan

It’s all about pants today, big, good value ones at that. Oh, the glamour.

Recently I was in a Matalan store for the FIRST time ever, on a supermarket retail safari with fellow retail geeks (on a Sunday too, talk about dedicated) and although it was a lousy shopping experience, the clothes were surprisingly good and I actually bought a pair of these big pants. I am a fan of big pants, we all need a bit of extra help from time to time.

Shapewear, which is the tasteful way brands now refer to support knickers, is a fast growing bit of the lingerie business and there are many brands that do terrific styles, but it’s often pricey. These really comfy high waist ones were a reasonable £6.00 and they are very good, I have been test wearing mine for you, readers and I can say they are just as good as some other much more expensive ones I’ve tried.

The fabric band is seamless, which helps comfort and fits right over the waistline which gives a smoother line. Some people might find this annoying and there are other shorter styles you may prefer. But they are excellent quality for the price. Typically, when I came to load the link from the Matalan website the style has ‘last chance to buy’ tagged over it, so if you want a pair you might want to act quickly, I bought a large (I’m a size 12) and they are perfect for me, so perhaps buy the next size up from your usual.



  • Charlotte says:

    I have just been to Matalan ( or Matthew Allen , as I prefer to call it) to look at their shapewear on your say so. Having just been to John Lewis to buy a Spanx slip that goes under your boobs so that you can wear your own bra. The Spanx product was £48 and I could only find the cami version. Matalan had just the slip that I was after, and it was £10!!! It’s perfect and I can’t really see that it is any different to the much more expensive alternative. Thank you for the heads up- you have saved me a fortune.

  • Amanda says:

    Yes it does seem pretty good value doesn’t it? I have been wearing my big pants and they are really comfy and effective and wash well, glad we saved you money! Ax

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